Sample Business Studies Project Paper on Business Analysis – Forecasting and Breakeven

The only thing need to be completed from the below is the Business Analysis

Identification of the industry for the new product
Marketing Objectives/Strategies/Tactics
Product range – What is our total, core and auxiliary product? What are the product ingredients? What are the product features? How is the product used? What are the benefits of our Product? How much we buy/produce? Where do we buy/produce? How do we package and label our product?
Target consumers/market segments – Who we market it to? What is our target customer’s profile? What are out market segments?
Target markets – Where do we find our customers? Where we market?
Market share/market growth – What is the size of the total market? How much we market? When we market?
Competitive advantages/competition – Who are our competitors? What are their strengths & weaknesses? What are their Four Ps?
Product Price –What is our cost? What is our pricing objective? How much do we charge?
Advertising and promotion – How do we package our product? How we advertise the product – TV, radio, Internet Web Site, newspaper? How we promote the product? What is the theme and message in our advertisements?
Market entry/outlets – How we enter our market (Export, Wholly Owned, JV)?
Distribution – Where do we start or enter the market? How and where we move the product? What is our delivery time? What is our delivery cost?
Profitability/volume/image – Why we market? How much profit/loss/volume?

Business Analysis – Forecasting and Breakeven