Sample Business Studies Paper on The Assessment On The Apple Inc Company

The Assessment On The Apple Inc Company

As known globally, Apple Inc. The company is the largest electronic industry globally as it produces various electronic products, including computer software, phones, personal computers, and many others. It was founded in 1976 by two individuals in the Americas, including Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in California in the United States of America. Its growth and the mode of operation have been in a reasonable time been accompanied by a series of problems that are to form the basis of the discussion in the article. The methods of resolving these problems too are discussed herein. Therefore, the recommendations form the basis upon which the company should operate to have the success story maintained (Aljafari, 2016, pp.406-441)

It has been on good versions for the company to be booming globally, but in the same place, the company is faced with a set of social and political factors that in one way or the other affect its operations. In the social aspects, there has been a threat against the company’s success, that is, the anti-apple sentiments that are spread globally; the factor has been on the rise due to the rapid development in the China technological world. The anti-apple campaigns marshaled by China have threatened the industry’s wellbeing. The campaigns are a great shock on the fate of the apple products, including the iPhone, which already is suffering because of the high market prices. At the same time, the Chinese produce cheap android smartphones, which are very affordable to anyone. Therefore the majority of the population prefer the cheaper commodity over the expensive one for they serve the same purpose. Therefore, Apple suffers much to have this reinstated to the common condition, which is seemingly complex, for there has been a massive production of the android machines by the Chinese. Therefore, the company is supposed to have its market regained by making improvements on the quality of its produce b adjusting the features to increase the population’s spark on them (Kuo and Chang, 2021, pp.986-997)

It is also noted that, in the majority of the local markets, the population comparison of the numbers of the iPhones against the androids is a big gap, since the android phones dominate a good number of physical markets, while Apple weapon, that is iPhone is much concentrated on the online platforms appearing in the majority of the searches done on the internet, but not a good population is conversant with the online purchase operations, hence fall victims of purchasing the physically available commodity.

The company lacks specified physical market deployed sales agents as it relies majorly on the corporations and the internet sources instead of the rising competitor, the Android company. Therefore, there is much of the profit generated by android instead of Apple in the phone products. Therefore, there is a need for the company to have both physical and online managed sales strategies to have the success as anticipated by this big company (Khan, Alam, and Alam, 2015, pp.955-961)

It is worth noting that the products of Apple origin have got concrete spares. Suppose there is any damage to their systems. In that case, the replacement material must be compatible, including the motherboards of the personal computers instead of the android, which is readily available in any market. Therefore, this sets the majority’s preference on the android as opposed to the iPhones as an example (Rangaswamy, 2015)

Despite the industry’s shortcomings, it is good to appreciate the strengths that are accompanied by the available set strategies. Since there has been the rise of digitization, the majority of the population rely on phones to dispense their daily duties; hence the products gain more market than the early days when it was considered non-essential. Due to this fact, the usability of Apple products has been on the rise, as well as generating the industry reasonable amounts of the income that is always anticipated (Gebauer et al., 2021, pp.382-388)

Since the education system and the current operations went to the digitization methods of duty dispensation, the reports note the improvement in the purchase of computers, including smartphones and even the personal computer where a majority of the population prefer the products of higher quality to have operations success, and this has always put Apple company at the top of the table in this since it is believed to be the best company in the electronic production world with very durable products and this brands it with increased purchase of its products (Gebauer et al., 2021, pp.382-388)

In its political stature, the company has not at once faced some stringent environmental laws operating against its commodity. In the case of the rivaling nation, China in the world technological stake, the operations of the apple in that industry has been a big blow since both fights for the market of their available goods, and thus to regulate the spread of the Apple machines into their grounds, the government encourages more the usage of their locally produced android electronics as opposed to the Apple products thus regulating the spread of the usage. Therefore, the market has been reduced on the act (Liu, 2021, pp.45-67)

The trade restrictions that have been put on the spread of the usage of Apple products in China have resulted in the reduction of the market capacity of the products. It is due to the need of China to have its android goods attain the market as well, and by this, the company has faced some remarkably increased competition for the consumers of their commodities. The taxes and tariffs levied on the company raises eyebrows as to the fate of the firm in that country hence the regulated spread of the products through in the online world, they are the very products that appear on the search engines (Liu, 2021, pp.45-67)

It is also seen to be making progress in eliminating corruption from within its management to have a stable and continuous trusted flow of its operations. With corruption wholly eradicated from its management, the company is set to regulate the embezzlement of the produced finances hence the smooth run of the company.

Therefore, the company has resorted to using different set strategies to help mitigate the problems encountered in the markets. The firm has resorted to product development as the primary strategy to improve the marketability of its products. The methods used by the Apple industry are improving on its products. Since the products produced by this firm are just of an already existing category and it faces competition from the newly born electronic industries, including the android, the means it uses to maintain the taste of customers who may be interested in having tasted of the new products in the market, is by improving on the features of its available products including iPhones being made to imitate the 5G network that when introduced into the market, can easily be streamed by the network operation among other features, which are more appealing to the taste of the consumers (Li,  2021, pp. 71-78)

The company has also adopted the market penetration strategy to bring the products. It has been made happen by the complete availability of the products in every search engine. In most web searches, the company has dramatically dominated other companies, making its products vibrant compared to other firms. The company has also adopted other methods to have physical penetration into the market world. Since profit is the targeted goal for every business, the company being the most extensive electronic production firm, the income should be of a more significant impact than any other rising company, and this was depicted in January 2021 where it was ranked the most profitable globally since it generated very significant amounts of cash which have risen the stringent strategies to maintain the high revenue generation. Therefore, the company has in the recent past made sure that its products are omnipresent in every market field (Li,  2021, pp. 71-78)

With the competition from the android keeps rising in the global market, the firm has employed various methods to help bring its products on board. With this considered, the company has resorted to the development of the market. It is only to have the contact with the consumers maintained. There have been growth strategies through a series of innovations in the research and the development processes. It has ensured the critical success development of its product market services by doing rigorous innovations on its available commodities including, iPad, iPhone, and even Apple Watch. The innovations have served ver critical reason behind the market booming and preference of these products over others since there are very critical essential features adjusted into them as opposed to the competitors’ goods, which help create more spark on the goods by the customers in the markets. It is a strategy that the firm has used as a diplomatic weapon to help bring consumers on board with their available products. As other industries try to strategize to make their commodities of good taste to the consumers, the Apple firm uses the available opportunity to make improvements on their already produced products easier than creating the new products and selling them. It is, therefore, evident that the firm is flourishing due to excellent management strategies (Heracleous and Papachroni, 2016)




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