Sample Business Studies Paper on Skills and Capabilities Useful in Achieving and Implementing Change Process

Surviving and thriving in any organization requires the ability to implement a change process. The business world is continuously changing, and hence, businesses have to adapt accordingly (Frich et al.,657). The challenge becomes even more severe for multinational enterprises (MNEs) since they operate in different jurisdictions and business environments. Such organizations have to adhere to varying legal requirements, cultural settings, and customer orientations. To successfully achieve a change process, a leader or a manager needs to have some specific skills and capabilities as discussed below.

Facilitative and effective communication skills are crucial in achieving a positive change in the internal rules within an MSE. Employees ought to understand why a change is needed in the first place (Frich et al.,657). Consequently, they need to know how and when the change will be implemented. To achieve this, effective communication from leadership is inevitable. Without effective communication, any change may lead to internal disputes and resistance.

Creativity and innovation are essential skills needed to implement an internal change within an MSE. The best way of tacking business challenges is to continuously think and create new solutions to both existing and novel problems (Rosemann & Brocke, 107). To achieve this, creativity and innovation are needed. For instance, a manager needs to come up with new ways of motivating employees and guiding them through the entire change process.

The ability to manage through uncertainty coupled with the ability to build trust among the organizational members are other crucial skills needed to achieve and implement change. The change process is marred with uncertainties regarding different aspects of the business, whether triggered by internal or external forces. As a result, it is essential for a leader to be able to drive an organization through these uncertainties.

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