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Positive and Informative Online Review of a Satisfactory Product

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

The product

            The G27 racing wheel is ideal to PC racing game enthusiasts across all ages and genders. The wheel offers realistic pressure based on the gamer`s driving abilities. If the driver throttles the gas too much, he/she feels through the wheel as the tires begin to lose grip on the road. This completely helps provide a significant simulated experience as the driver overcorrects the steering and lose control of the vehicle. The G27 wheel comes with a clutch pedal, a six-speed shifter, and a push-down reverse gear. The clutch and the shifter on the G27`s peripheral making gaming extremely accurate.

            There are many little things that distinguish the G27 from other racing wheels and make racing enjoyable. Right on top of the horn button, there are shifter indicator and RPM LEDs, which enhance the whole gaming experience because the driver not only hears and feels when the vehicle should be put in the next gear, but also sees it right on the wheel. The wheel permits a 900-degree rotation, which allows the driver to steer hand over hand on sharp turns, which is the same with real car steering wheels.


The G27 wheel is designed with leather grip, which makes it stand out. The level of comfort and realistic feel that the wheel offers is exemplary. Moreover, the buttons on the gaming wheel are simple, with the either side of the frame having three buttons. The rest of the buttons are installed on the shifter device. Mounting the G27 is a simple task given its dual clamping feature. It seamlessly latches to a computer desk or table. The G27 comes with a sturdy rubber floor grip underneath the pedals that prevent the pedals from sliding, and it functions seamlessly because of the weight of the device. As far as gaming wheels are concerned, the heavier the better. The G27 pedals are made from steel and they have adequate distance between them, which prevents the risk of stepping on two pedals simultaneously. Perhaps, the only negative aspect with the G27 is its cable attachment. Given that each device must be connected, the peripheral looks scattered.


            A 3-year warranty is provided for G27 gaming wheel and the company`s support team provide prompt support to buyers through email, phone and FAQs section of its website.