Sample Business Studies Paper on Mentoring for gender equality: Supporting female leaders in the hospitality industry

This is a Qualitative Research Method Course.

Qualitative Case Study: Review and Analysis of a published paper “Mentoring for gender equality: Supporting female leaders in the hospitality industry”

Students will read, understand, critique, and evaluate a published paper that employs qualitative analysis.

Things to look at and cover:

Read and understand what the paper is about ..
1. what is the main ideas of the paper/the study purpose/why it’s important?/what are the study problems/the research question and its contribution to the literature/ What theory they are using?

then, critique and evaluate based on the qualitative aspects.
2. research method: evaluate the method? what qualitative method they chose? Do they used case study? IN MY CASE IT’S A CASE STUDY >> So, is it a single/multiple, cross-case/comparison analysis, … etc? and why they have chosen this particular case? Did they give some justification or evidence?

look at the literature review .. what theory they are analysing and how they are related to the study purpose .. (gap, rationale, motivation) and how this relates to the research question?

Another aspect to look at is did they talk about the philosophical concepts (epistemology/ontology)?
3. Research design: philosophical position/stands/paradigm (ontology/epistemology). How do they see this problem? Is it an objective problem or social constructive problem? Or subjective?

4. Data collection/interview summary: did they present the details of the case in terms of the company background? what data collection method they used? Ex. Interview. The (number of interviews they have done, the duration of the interview?, how many participants, their backgrounds, experiences … etc). Do they provide enough evidence from these interviews? And how do they analyze the interviews data? It could be documents as well (ex. Strategy docs, meeting minutes, website content) different kind of collective data not only interviews. What do they actually present in the paper in terms of the qualitative aspect? Moreover, in terms of method, data collection, analysis > how do they analyze the paper? how do they identify the case?

>> interview summary – the more details > the more understandable for the reader ..

5. Data analysis approach: thematic analysis (the paper assigned to us > example of coding “some illustration”, content, discourse analysis, pattern themes and then matching, semiotics (symbols/signs), hermeneutics, narrative analysis/story ……. etc

6. discussion and analysis and contributions: new findings/insights of the study .. do they articulate that in the study?

Overall, understanding of research question and does it contribute to the literature. Understanding of the data sampling and data collection and the methodology they have used and how do they present the results, do they really make a good logic. How do you see it? What is your interpretation? What do you think of that? Then, is there enough critical assessment of what they have presented in terms of critical thinking and reflection throughout the paper.

Please look at the criteria and the rubric for a better understanding of what is required.

i have attached also the PPT slide of the lectures to help you understand what needs to be covered.

Kindly use titles for the paragraphs according to the grading scheme for easy reference.