Sample Business Studies Paper on management and entrepreneurship

Question 2 (100 points)

An exciting aspect of the marketplace is the ability for an entrepreneur with a great idea to find a path to reach customers. Entrepreneurs can receive a great deal of notoriety for finding a novel approach to serve customers or for the creation of a brand new product. However, there are also additional pathways to serve customers too. For example, think about an entrepreneur internal to an organization, often called an intrapreneur, and the passion this person might bring to serve fellow employees and company stakeholders. For this question on entrepreneurship, consider how you might develop a product or service to improve an organization of your choosing. You are welcome to research a new company as well to see how an internal product or service could serve a need via intrapreneurial activities .
Instructions: For this question on management and entrepreneurship, you will need to do an in-depth literary search on the product or service you would like to create in order to present a fully-developed response. You will need to include in-text citations and a references list for external references used in supporting your points for this question. You should have no fewer than 7 references for your response to this particular question, 4 of which must be from peer-reviewed sources. Turnitin similarity match report should be less than 20% .