Sample Business Studies Paper on Lucier’s leadership strategic skills

Lucier used collaboration strategy by continuing with an acquisition strategy that was initially the company (Hale, 2017). However, he increased the number of companies from ten companies to fifteen companies. This strategy improved the company goals and business. By 2007 there were 4,385 employees, 35,000 products, and customers of approximately ten thousand (Invitrogen corporation). Lucier also used the strategy of acquiring instrument development

Innovation was also another strategic leadership skill that Lucier used. Lucier uses rapid product development with iterative product launches (Hale, 2017). This strategic leadership was vital at it helped the company to accelerate the process of investment and growth. Invitrogen through the leadership strategies of Lucier ensured focus on excellence merchandising process that led to the company having a high transactional business. The company used to launch new products after every three months (Invitrogen corporation). Also, the company believed that commercialization was capability was a significant factor in achieving their goals of growth and transformation.   Lucier changed the previous human genome sequence to Next-generation sequencing. The next generation changed time and cost. The genome which initially was three billion was adjusted to approximately one hundred thousand USD.

Excellent communication is another leadership strategy that improves organization goals (Hale, 2017). The Invitrogen Company after nearly ten years of experience collaborating with other companies, they initiated meetings. The meetings focused on growth and innovation. These meetings entailed discussions around a market sector, acquisition targets, and investment. Lucier would communicate to her team on which company he wanted to collaborate with and leave decision-making to the side.

Lucier did not involve his team members in decision making. Lucier would go to the meeting with an already decided company without inquiring from his team especially the finance team. He did not examine more about Biosystems from his squad especially on financial issues (Invitrogen corporation). Lucier did not also involve his team in active participation. His team wondered who would lead the merged companies, Illumina-Invitrogen. Therefore Lucier needs to implement good decision-making and active involvement of his entire group to absorb their perception on various issues involving the company.


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