Sample Business Studies Paper on Global Digital Solutions

Global Digital Solutions

Company Overview

A global Digital solution is a limited liability company that will operate in the United States of America and several seven other countries. The company will be dealing with production and supply of electronic appliances and offering technical support to clients. The Main office of Global Digital Solutions will be situtated in the United States of America with other sub offices in the other countries where the company will be having subsidiaries. The leadership of the company will comprise four executive directors based in the head office and seven branch managers each based in the seven sub offices in the international sections.

Global Digital Solutions will be a dealer in electronic products. Its target customers will be public and private institutions that largely use electronic devices. They will target small bisiness organizations that deal with distribution of electronic devices in small scale both in the united states of ameriaca and the other seven subsidiaries.

Global Digital Solutions operates with a mission and vision which guides its focus and the type of activities they engage in. The mission statement is To Be the Leading producer and supplier of quality and affordable electronic appliances both in the United States of America and at the international market. Global Solution’s vision statement is to develop into a competitive electronic dealer offering best services to our customers both locally and internationally.


Global Digital Solutions is a start up company that is focused at producing and supplying electronic appliances and other digital solutions. The company is establishing its operations in the local market from 1st June 2022 and aims to start other international subsidiaries in a year’s time after the official opening of the local market. Since the company intends to operate on an extensive market, structures to ensure an efficient supply chain, proper demand management and proper order management will have been put in place. The company has also set up an adequate supply chain performance management and financial analysis system to enhance management of supply chain processes and to ensure prudent utulization of financial resources in the supply chain. A system for managing information flows is also set up by the company.

Global Dimensions

Global Digital Solutions wishes to leverage on the opportunities available in the global market to have a huge market share for its products. The demand for electronic devices is always growing. United States of America has the latest technology for production of electronic products. This gives it an advantage over many growing countries in the world. This technological advantage in the production of the electronic devices puts any electronic company at an advantaged position in international market. Global Digital Solutions aims at utilising this technological gap between their country and the international community by offering better quality products at very competitive prices in the international market. The company also seeks to partner with leading electronic dealers in its subsidiary markets so that they can overcome stiff competition in these markets.

The company has conducted an extensive market research in the international markets where it plans to establish its subsidiaries. This is aimed at gaining the market information related to business environment, customer needs, and legal infrastructure. The information generated from this survey has been utilized in designing specicial approaches to different market zones with a view to maximising the opportunities available in them.

Role of Logistics

Logistics is a major component of every organisation that intends to set its operations to the international scope. Logistics will play a vital role in the success of Global Digital Solutions. It is for this reason that Global Digital Solutions has invested immensely in the sector. Logistics deaprtment will be responsible for the movement of raw materials from various sources to ghe the company’s production stations, storage of the raw materials, storage of finished products, and distribution of the finished products to company’s dealers and final consumers. Logistics creates value addition to company’s products. This is one of the motivations pushing the board of directors to establish a strong logistics system that will be able to serve the needs of the company adequately.

Distribution and Omnichannel Network Design

Distribution and omnichannel network design is another important aspect in the operations of Global Digital Solutions. Harmonisation of the distribution channels from the producer to consumers through the wholesalers, and retailers is a very key aspect that plays an important role in developing a positive image of the company among consumers. An efficient distribution and omnichannel network design ensures a constant flow of products and services at the retail level of distribution which ensures customers have an uninterrupted access to products and services. This is the focus of Global Digital Solutions. They have developed an efficient system with multiple backup systems of distribution and enough storage facilities.

Demand Management 

Proper management of demand ensures a balance in between customer needs, supply and storage costs, and maximum inventory turns.  The main objectives of demand management is to to minimize inventory costs and maximisation of inventory returns. Having a reliable supply chain allows companies to have efficiency in production. Global Digital Solutions is investing in a fully equiped supply chain that will ensure the company’s production capacity is fully utilized at every point in time. This will also ensure that supplies to customers is sufficient to meet customer satisfaction. The company will carry out regular market demand surveys to be fully informed of the demand trends in the market and prepare accordingly.

Order Management and Customer Service Management

One of the goals of Global Digital Solutions is to ensure that cilustomers’ needs are met at the point of demand. The company is establishing large enough warehouses in each of its subsidiary stations and at the main offices. This will provide the company with adequate facilities to have enough stock to meet customers need at any point in time. The company is also dedicated at offering an excellent customer management to its clients. It seeks to achieve this through ensuring that customers are fed with the right information before, during, and after sales. A customer care department will aslo be created. This will be available both physically and virtually so that customer complaints and comments can be responded to effectively.

Supply Chain Performance Management and Financial Analysis

Performance management and financial analysis give a reflection of how the company is performing in terms of payments and cash flows. A company that is performing poorly in terms of managing its finances and cashflows could run the risk of making financial losses. Global Digital Solutions has set a team of proficient and talented personnel to lead the performance management and financial analysis of the company. This team will be responsible in assessing how different markets and product lines are performing against company’s set targets. They will then be able to advice the board of management on the necessary steps they need to take to ensure efficiency and success of the company.

Supply Chain Technology and Managing Information Flows

Global Digital Solutions has set an automated digital framework that will ensure an efficient flow of information across all the sections of the company’s operations.  This is aimed at ensuring shortages are avoided and security of the company’s products and other facilities is guaranteed at every level.



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