Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Strategic needs assessment

Worksheet #2 Strategic Needs Assessment

Establishing objectives of a needs assessment

Identify inadequate communication systems and poor conflict resolution skills among the employees at the Xfinity store.    

Identifying the target audience

The target audience will include a number of the employees, approximately ten in number and the manager himself. The employees will share some of the challenges they often experience during the decision making process.    

Establishing sampling procedure

Random sampling technique is applied as it guarantees accurate data and minimizes events of bias. Employees will be selected indiscriminately without considering their positions or other factors such as age and gender. The reason for using this sampling method is to eradicate predisposition.    

Determining data collection strategy and tactics

I will give questionnaire to the selected population; the questions will both be open and closed. These will interrogate the respondents’ inclination as well as fixed perception of the issues under investigation      

Specifying instruments and protocols

I will develop custom questions related to the case in the organization. The questionnaire will be in paper format for individuals to fill on their views. The data collected will be shared to the manager. These questions will be approved by the company.    

Determining methods of data analysis

Data analysis will depend on the type of question used. For instance, in the open ended questions, I will sort and group responses with similar destinations, for closed-ended items, I will apply statistical analysis.    

Assessing the feasibility of the needs assessment plan

This assessment will obey all the rules of the organization and will, therefore, respect all the rules guiding the store. Besides, more money will be required to develop the questionnaires and time for the assessment will be during the lunch break. Working accurately and effectively to cover all the required areas, three days will be sufficient. My companion on the appraisal will aid me. The sample population will only give out the needed information concerning the Xfinity store.    


What further thoughts, comments, or concerns do you have regarding the needs assessment? The needs plan assessment will be sufficient for the business. The sample questions that I have provided in the questionnaire will help extract essential data from the respondents.