Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Strategic Communication and Effective Organizational Change

Strategic Communication and Effective Organizational Change

            Organizational change refers to the process that entails altering a company’s procedures, strategizes, processes, culture, and technologies as well as the impacts that result from these changes. Organizational change is one of the most challenging issues that businesses face and to effectively tackle the problem, firms should embrace effective communication techniques. According to Lewis (2019), one of the importance of adopting a strategic communication strategy for an organization that is changing is that it minimizes uncertainties and the effects of resistance in a firm. Effective communication channels also keep the employees and stakeholders aware of the change and thus reduce conflicts and boost collaboration to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives. Effective communication techniques also allow effective organizational change as they enable the employees and stakeholders to support and commit to the change process, and this raises the chances of success for the firm.

            Employing strategic communication channels also boost organizational change by aligning the firm’s goals with the requirements of the employees and stakeholders, enhancing cooperation. The two primary ways that a firm can communicate effectively with its internal and external stakeholders include scheduling meetings and using conference calls. Holding meetings with the stakeholders allows dialogue and exchange of ideas and information regarding the change in question, and thus strategic decisions are made (Lewis, 2019). Conference calls are the modern and common technique of communicating with the internal and external stakeholders as it boosts convenience and saves on time and costs, for instance, traveling costs in case of meetings. Both conference calls and meetings are the stakeholders interact with the management and discuss the issue of change, and this makes the process more achievable and boosts the overall success of the organization.


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