Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

The risk assessment analysis will begin by drawing a risk map that identifies the potential risks to the suburban college. The risks include robbery, mugging, and rape cases recorded around the area. The second step includes identifying the time frame in which these incidences occur; that is, what time of the day, the intervals in which they occur, and the relationship of the victims. The third step will be identifying the specific areas where these incidences can occur in the institution (Tomz, 2007). In college, they may occur in the residential areas and on the streets when the students are heading to their homes. Lastly, the assessment will look at the proximity of the college with security institutions and look at how previous cases have been handled by the authorities.

This risk assessment team will include the college security departments as they are bestowed with maintaining security around the college. Students are also important as they may have important information that may help in curbing the risk. A security expert, especially a member of the police department can advise the team accordingly on how to handle criminal associated risks. Community members would be important as they understand the area better and would aid in acquiring facts regarding the areas security.

Among the key countermeasures would be establishing a framework that sensitizes local authorities on maintaining law and order in the area (Tomz, 2007). This would include erecting a police department in the school or at the surrounding environment. Technology shift is also important where surveillance cameras and response gadgets can be installed in the school. Similarly, the institution can advise its students against roaming during that time, which is more prone to the risks.


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