Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Letter of Recommendation

Your professor’s address

Your professor’s city, state and zip code

Date ([month in text] day, year)

Recipient’s first and last name and title

Recipient’s company

Recipient’s department (if appropriate)

Recipient’s address

Recipient’s city, state and zip code

Re: Letter of Recommendation for (Your Name)

Dear Mr./Ms. recipient’s last name only:

I am a professor in (state the specific field) at (State your school’s name) where I have taught (your name) in several of my classes. He has had a desire to work with your company and I thus write in support of his ambition and vouch for him for the position of (your desired position in the company).

(Your name) has been a good student and has stood out from the others through his ability to effectively communicate and engage in meaningful discussions. Over the course of our interaction, I have noted his analytical skills and ability to provide innovative solutions. He has a positive attitude that allows him to handle difficult situations with agility. He has performed tasks assigned to him for coursework with expertise which earned him the good grades.

(Your name) works well in groups for class projects and has severally taken up leadership roles to help the team finish the assignment in time and deliver quality outcomes. He is confident and motivated, abilities which he has tried to instill in others by encouraging them to tackle challenges. His performance in class and interpersonal skills are a good mix for your company.

I thus recommend him highly to you as a valuable addition to your team. His knowledge scope and skills will be of great benefit to your company. If you have any questions or clarifications about him, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely yours


(your professor’s name)