Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Information Technology and Organizational Change

            Changes within an organization start with establishing new information frameworks and modifying organizational skills, jobs, management and structure. According to Laudon et al. (10), the four types of organizational change that can be enhanced by information technology include automation, rationalization, business process redesign and paradigm shift. Automation is the most impacting kind of organizational change as it helps an employee perform their assigned duties efficiently. Automation is highly beneficial as it entails low risks. The disadvantage of this kind of organizational change, however, is that it results in small rewards.

            Informational technology promotes automation by allowing accurate and compelling business plans and marketing techniques. Information technology also grants organization’s a competitive advantage preventing entry to the market by other firms and thus success. Eason (3) argues that when selecting and evaluating information systems projects, we use several techniques, for instance, choosing a steering and project committee. The other method entails requesting for information and a request for proposal. The final process of selecting and evaluating an information system project is by setting up a needs assessment procedure.

            Incorporating these methods in an organization’s goals and objectives vastly aid in the alignment process. Understanding the role the information system projects play in providing changes within an organization also helps align these systems to an organization’s goals and objectives. Aligning these systems with the organization’s goals vastly aid in boosting the productivity of a given organization, as the employees are fully accountable and own their work (Laudon et al. 15). Alignment, therefore, allows the employees to understand the value they add to the organization and this boost effectiveness. The key areas that organizations should focus on when selecting and evaluating information system projects is seeking guidance from experts.

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