Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Globalization

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Proponents of globalization thought that it would positively alter the global economic landscape. This has not been the case. The article outlines how supporters of globalization are beginning to accept that it has negatively impacted on businesses and the economy by subjecting both to significant losses (Nikil n.p). As a matter of fact, these losses can therefore not be addressed by existing infrastructure and international laws. Rhetoric ideas have risen as a result of job losses and depressed wages that have pushed workers to the limit. In addition, these workers have been subjected to poor working conditions. The supporters of globalization fear that the situation may escalate to influence social, political and economic landscape in the future. Conservatives argue that globalization has instigated cut throat competition hiring cheap and unskilled labor thereby compromising on the quality of products (Nikil n.p). Conservatives have found out that nations can longer manipulate local business enterprises because international corporations are fully in control. Notably, the ideas and movement may substantially alter the path of global economic integration through advocating for friendly policies. The article mentions Christine Lagarde, the head of IMF, who believes that the way to achieve integration is through encouraging more redistribution (Nikil n.p). Accordingly, the movement is likely to succeed in its endeavors. However, people like President Trump feel that globalization may not benefit a country like America. Together with Bernie Sanders, they believe on Americanism and advocate for perks that would only benefit Americans. Such views have jeopardized the need for globalization as previously supported by conservatives. Furthermore, some European nations have warned against free movement of people and goods. In brief, with these arguments, supporters of globalization are slowly conceding defeat.

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