Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis

What was the activity? The activity entailed printing a contract document before attending an employee promotion meeting. This was an assigned role in a previous company. Instead, the documents were prepared after the meeting and it led to an incompetent plan for motivating employees through promotion.   

What was the expected result or level of performance? The contract documents were expected to merit employees who worked hard for the firm and award them with promotion to senior levels. The files were expected to provide statistical analysis for implementing a succession plan in the firm.

In retrospect, what should you have actually done to reach your expected outcome? Contract documents were to be prepared before the meeting and issued to each member present. Printing and distributing contract documents would have made the succession plan more credible and valid.

Why did it not meet expectation? A decision, on who was to succeed an operational supervisor, was arrived at after the meeting. However, the employee selection process was based on inaccurate employee data. Facts presented for discussion were different from what was indicated in the employment contract.

Recovery Plan

Analyze what happened: There was a mistake on the most suitable individual to occupy the office of an operational supervisor. An employee file should have been printed to prove facts and details used for the selection process.

Summarize lessons learned: Preparations are an important part of planning a managerial meeting. Moreover, it is important to have backup plans that avoids failure in achieving an assigned role or responsibility.

Make a detailed action plan to correct the failure: Management roles are described by a series of meetings necessary for decision-making in a firm. An action plan to correct the failure entailed preparing documents as both softcopies and hardcopies before a meeting. The softcopies required would be provided to individuals with digital devices during the meeting. Hardcopies would be distributed to members of the meeting who lacked a digital device such as a laptop.

Set up frequent progress reports: A progressive report will gauge on decision-making impact during future meetings. Less impactful decisions will reflect negative progress whereas management progress will indicate effective decisions.

Set up a closure meeting: To obtain success in adequate preparation of decision-making, all employees are expected to contribute in building a positive organizational culture. A meeting will be set up for all departments to inform employees on the importance of information during meetings. Employees will be urged to feed their departmental managers with frequent summary reports necessary for decision-making during an executive meeting.