Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Ethics, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability at Amazon

Ethics, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability at Amazon

Ethics are the standards that govern behaviour in a business. Amazon is an ethical company that follows the company’s codes of ethics, and it has gained reputation for having the most ethical employers and employees. The company has set out principles that guide employees to work in the interest of the company and other stakeholders as well (Lussier, 2011). Some of the issues investigated to enhance ethical behavior include listening to employee complaints and conducting trainings. Companies that engage in ethical businesses are able to make strategic decisions as well as create a good reputation that creates chances for them to gain competitive advantage (Carroll and Buchholtz, 2014).

Lussier (2011) describes social responsibility as the effort put by the management to ensure that all the company stakeholders including the customers, employees, community, and competitors benefit from the business operations. Amazon engages in different kinds of activities as a way to help the society and gain competitive advantage, and these include offering grants to authors, giving donations, and ensuring that employees get to help in their local communities by initiating programs where they can learn and improve on their literacy.

Environmental sustainability involves using the natural resources responsibly to avoid compromising the future of the environment. Amazon is committed to sustainability and has been working towards reducing some of the impacts it may have caused to the environment while in operation. The company uses Frustration-Free Packaging that eliminates plastics and which is formed from recycling. In addition products are packed in corrugated containers for shipping (Lussier, 2016). This according to Carroll and Buchholtz (2014) is a form of value creation where companies get an advantage over their competitors in the industry. These policies have made Amazon become one of the most successful and competitive companies in the world.


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