Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Employee Training and Development

Employee Training and Development

Training and development is a human resource management function that is concerned with the organization’s activities, aimed at group and individual’s performance progress in an organizational setting. These can also be referred to as human capital development or learning and development. This paper gives a brief summary of training concepts related with training methods, such as group training, hands-on and presentation training methods. Training is an organizational asset although managers experience various problems while performing training exercises.

A successful training can be an asset to the organization as it ensures efficient use of available resources, employee remuneration adjustments, and proper execution of duties to minimize cost and maximize the organizational revenue. Training exercises are triggered by new technological methods such as an instruction from managers using online gadgets, clear directions and also traditional methods that are used by all the organizations. Another success that should be experienced by employing training and appraisal of workers in an organization is improved teamwork and effective group learning. With the newest change of technology, workers can understand and learn how to use the internet to support their working knowledge and skills.

On the other hand, training is faced with various challenges; among them is resistance to change. Employee resists change or it takes them a relatively long time to change. This has led to the failure of training exercises hence making the organizations stagnate. Also training exercise is faced with a problem of training costs such as costs encountered in the preparation of training materials, traveling and accommodation.

Potential strength and weakness of the training methods employed should be identified to avoid problems that are faced during the training. This will ensure there is a successful training exercise. To minimize training cost, the newest technological platforms, e-learning, and the virtual world should be utilized.