Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Company Plan

Business Description

Electric Masters is a company which will focus on developing energy solutions. The company aims to develop green energy from wind sources and solar to help power remote areas of Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Electric Masters intends to capitalize on private public arrangements to help grow its business profile across Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, primarily focusing on educational establishments.

About the company

The company’s journey towards developing green energy solutions is based on the over use of already depleted energy sources, a concept that was conceptualized over a year ago in Atlanta. This is after it had been established that most parts of Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa depended much on hydro-generated power, a source much affected during dry spells. In order to achieve its goals, the company saw the need to develop energy solutions from green energy sources from existing sources such as wind and solar. This was focused to bridge the gap, reduce over-dependence on such already overused sources and also sustain livelihoods in these areas, where sufficient power has been a challenge.


Our vision is to develop and create environmentally friendly energy based solutions with the aim of solely powering schools and higher institutions of learning while being ethical and socially responsible to such communities. 

Mission Statement:

Electric Masters Mission is to work with remote establishments in order to increase literacy while providing power solutions to support educational technology.

Business Goals & Objectives:

Our business goals and objectives will involve around community service and to create a culture of inclusion and social responsibility.


The company intends to achieve a penetration of 40% within ten years. It intends to form private public partnerships to help it blend with the communities and schools.

Develop five-star energy solutions:

The company’s major aim is to develop trustworthy, verified, economically friendly and tested energy solutions. This will enable it to achieve its short-term and long-term growth objectives.

Support community:

The company intends to achieve its goals by being socially sensitive and responsible to communities. In this, the company will remain social to enable it will trust and support of communities.

Organizational structure

An organizational structure basically refers to clearly defined patterns which support an organizations actions related to why the organization exists (Tolbert & Hall, 2016). The company is composed of 3 individuals being the top management. It is legally registered and recognized as a private limited company, with the 3 being the major shareholders. 

Mark Shimon:

  • Born: 1970
  • Professional Background: Masters Organizational Psychology & Degree in Electrical Science
  • Experience: 9 years’ post college experience as a safety and maintenance engineer with Boeing at the Chicago, Illinois branch. Mark has been in charge of the safety issues at Boeing, overseeing various company’s issues such as training, maintenance and recruitment
  • Marks experience in electrical science is a plus to Electrical Masters. He brings on board innovative ideas and concepts in the development of first class energy solutions.
  • Share: 40% of the company, and a director and board member    

Annette Swats:

  • Born: 1974
  • Professional background: Degree in mechatronics. 
  • Experience: 5 years of experience in electrical technology at Solar city, as an installation engineer in the company. Annette is a young lady, full of energy, compassionate about young children.
  • Annette’s experience as an installation engineer is a plus to Electrical Masters. She will bring on board her innovation, new ideas towards the implementation of major Company’s project.
  • Share: 30% of the company, and a director and a board member.    

Peter Bode: 

  • Born: 1980
  • Professional background: Degree in material science
  • Experience: 4 years as an electrical technician at Wall-mart chains of supermarket. Peter was in charge of the companywide electrical systems, managing a team of more than 200 electricians. He brings on board skills in preventive maintenance of electrical systems.
  • Share: 30% of the company, a director and a board member. 

 Other employees:

  • Christine Burners: team leader, projects
  • Tim Wander: solar power specialist
  • George Humphrey: wind power specialist 

Legal composition:

  • Registered private company with professional memberships in the institute of

engineering and technology (IET – UK) 

License and Permits:

  • Licensed by the North America Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

License given to proven solar system installers to install solar systems around the world

  • Licensed by the Institute of Engineering and Technology – United Kingdom

Products & Services:

  • Solar power generators depending on 100% solar
  • Solar batteries depending on 100% solar
  • Wind power generators
  • Solar charger systems
  • Portable solar batteries
  • Multifaceted solar and wind power electrical system
  • Solar panel construction, installation and maintenance
  • Photovoltaic systems


  • Innovative green energy solutions
  • Industry leaders in solar technology and green energy solutions
  • Licensed and proven specialists in solar installation, maintenance and harnessing of green energy

Electrical Masters will strive to provide electrical and solar power solutions to the disadvantaged in the community. The company shall uphold its key values to attain its goals and objectives.


Tolbert, P. S., & Hall, R. H. (2016). Organizations: Structures, processes, and outcomes.