Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on CanGo Week 5-6 Video Analysis

CanGo Week 5-6 Video Analysis

CanGo is considered to have had some success based on the videos from week 5-6. As such, the executives would wish to see the company expand even further in order to realize returns that are more profitable. For this expansion to happen, the executive management must weigh on profitability by considering available resources and the expenses that would be incurred in the process. There are two major issues facing CanGo, which include lack of appropriate review system, and lack of defined expansion policies.

  1. Lack Expansion Policies

CanGo has no definite expansion plans that would help it grow further and make great returns in the future. They are considering various possibilities including adding more e-books into their stock, online gaming, streaming of video or audio, and settling for an initial public offering.

  1. Recommendation

The company should first seek professional guidance from other successful companies in the same line of business. Secondly, the company must utilize the limited resources in order to maximize profits. For example, selling e-books at lower prices comparable to traditional ones would have high returns. Thirdly, comparing in-house benefits to expansion costs is equally vital.   

  • Lack of Appropriate Employee Review System

There is no clear definition of the right system to use when reviewing employee performance within the work place. There are dissimilar views on whether to use a rating or ranking system.

  1. Recommendation

            Ranking systems promote fairness among all employees based on the fact that they emphasize on strengths and weakness. As such, weakness can be used to enhance performance for more productivity. Conversely, rating systems impose fear since employees do as their bosses tell them. As such, ranking system for all employees’ reviews should be often like after every three months and non-biased. This would promote employee motivation and increase productivity.