Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Application for Graduate School

Application for Graduate School

One of my accomplishments in life is to graduate in a leading learning institution, in defiance of the encountered challenges in life. Much of the frustrations were related to low-paying jobs especially working as an accounts clerk in one of the financial institutions. However, through my commitment and a focus to complete my degree course, I managed to strike a balance between education and work. My professor was able to evaluate all the course work units needed to be accomplished, and I neither got an A nor B as a mean grade but got an opportunity to put more strength in my weakest areas. I have also managed to submit a copy of research work to the dean of our department, being a requirement for a graduate student to complete before graduation.

My main career objective through studying English language and Master of Science (MSc) in Finance is to gather a vast, challenging and motivating experience in the field of Banking, Finance, Marketing and Accounting sectors as a lecturer. Consequently, the educational background (BSc. Arts – English and ACCA) and five years experience in both banking and education sector are contributing factors towards working in a leading organization and be able to ensure goal achievement. The mentioned career objectives are supportive evidence that I have completed the course work and ready for graduation. After my graduation, I aspire to work in a reputable organization that will help me build my career with great professionalism. Some of the duties the college prepared me to handle in a working environment include the following;

  • Preparing invoices and payroll for the club’s employees
  • Reviewing members’ account records and initiate a follow-up for the pending payments
  • Maintaining a register of all the receipt books issued within departmental and office units for the supplies to the club
  • Keeping the records of newly registered students
  • Writing project proposals for the organization
  • Accounting for any grant received by the organization and ensures that the funds are properly used for the intended purpose
  • Preparing payment vouchers for staff salaries and supplies to the club
  • Processing of payment (cheques) to various payees and receiving other cheques for members’ annual subscription and service deposits
  • Assist in filing system and to ensure proper custody and tracking of finance documents such as payment vouchers and registration records
  • Preparing bank reconciliations on a monthly basis and month end closure processes
  • Maintaining a register of all the receipt books and office units for the supplies to the club
  • Preparing bank reconciliations on a monthly basis and month end closing processes

A clear, logical mind with a practical approach to customer relation and a drive to accomplish the objectives set are some of the strengths I gained during the course work, equipping me for a better future in work industry. The learning exposure enables me to learn and deliver high standards set by any organization, and I enjoy overcoming challenges and have a genuine interest to work in any business related field or as a tutor. Indeed, as an undergraduate student, much of the focus was to obtain a degree in a graduate school and my career. Through the hurdles of graduate study, I have managed to complete the undergraduate course in the English language as well as to register for MSc in Finance at Illinois Institute of Technology. I, therefore, appeal to the university senate to graduate in this year regarding the completion of the course work.