Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on Adding Your Evaluation


            My essay on “Article Review” brings up so many interesting points concerning class size in online-based studies. In the introduction part, my main point from the article reviewed is that class size is a determinant factor in online learning. However, the claim was narrow because I did not add more evidence from the article which would have made the review more convincing. Nevertheless, some vital points such as socialization in the class were brought up clearly to demonstrate how the optimum class size can be determined. I also missed out on addressing all the audience. Hence the essay became more inclined to specific people and neglected the diverse audience. I would still recommend the review on the existence of a close relationship between online writing and class size because I used evidence-based criteria in the review which is a strength in any discussion.

 Another appealing point brought out in my article review is the identification of cooperation as a determinant of quality in the learning process.  Although I gave out supporting theories on the credibility of academic sources, mentioning the teacher-student relationship would have made the point clearer to avoid putting the audience in suspense. I should also have added examples of credible and incredible academic sources to support my ideas. Furthermore, I should also have added some illustrations from the article on the importance of cooperation basing on facts from the existing online classes and learning that occurs in classrooms. Therefore, the point of cooperation should have been expounded.

            I concluded my article review by stating the methods that can be used to counter the problems in online learning. I recommend the points brought out as there was a thorough explanation of the primary goal of this method. I captured points on the author’s suggestion and gave the limitation that may accompany them. Hence, there was a clear illustration of the ways that can be used to counter the problems associated with online writing.