Sample Business Studies Essay Paper on A Broad Description of Features: Microsoft Dynamics GP

A Broad Description of Features: Microsoft Dynamics GP


Microsoft Dynamics GP has been used for at least twenty-five years in providing out of the box business management functions allied to finance and human resource departments. It is also utilized in managerial and manufacturing operations especially among small and medium enterprises in order to empower the ventures to grow and develop across national and international levels. In 2013, a new Microsoft Dynamics GP was released on December with at least sixty new features. They can be grouped into foundation, financial, distribution, and human resource features. It is described as the new and unique combination of business intelligence integrating communication tools and collaborating with other functions of an organization in order to provide better visibility into a business venture. The 2013 Microsoft Dynamics GP is therefore a combination of comprehensively rapid and flexible capacities providing options to help a business venture commence operations and functions in a quick and affordable manner (CPA Online 1).

Features of Microsoft Dynamics GP

The first feature associated with Microsoft Dynamics GP is based on the fact that it is easy to use. Microsoft Dynamics GP is built to work with Microsoft Office products and technologies in a similar manner. This however does not complicate users’ abilities to navigate through the software as it ensures people are able to work effectively from the start while allowing them to integrate information, reporting capacities, and processes across the entire organization. Thus, combining Microsoft Dynamics GP with Microsoft Dynamics CRM has equipped people across diverse organizational setups with a complete and broad view of consumer information as well as business managerial aptitudes (CPA Online 1).

The second feature allied to Microsoft Dynamics GP involves the software’s ability to be sold and implemented across a class of global networks and partners. Currently, there are more than four million small and medium business enterprises across the globe. These business ventures play a crucial role of ensuring stiff but fair competition exist in order to drive market growth and development socioeconomically and technologically. Thus, the key component of achieving a competitive advantage in such a business market or world especially among local partners should involve delivery of local knowledge. The knowledge however should deliver specific industrial expertise coupled with add-on solutions meeting small and medium specialized business needs. The 2013 Microsoft Dynamics GP supports this strategy by ensuring local business ventures are able to grow from small to medium and ultimately large business ventures and organizations at a gradual pace (CPA Online 1).

The global network of Microsoft partners is based on the notion that, it ought to be established and deployed into functioning as quickly as possible. As a result, various tools accelerating the installation of a Microsoft software is vital in order to ensure the partners are able to set up and extend core functionalities effectively and efficiently. Microsoft Dynamics GP is also flexible allowing the users to accelerate installation, set up, and core functions. For example, 2013 Microsoft Dynamics GP enables small and medium enterprises to migrate data from legacy systems effectively and efficiently. This is because it ensures no data is lost or accessed by unauthorized personnel. It also ensures the process of migrating data is undertaken at flexible timelines saving the business venture resources with regards to time and money (CPA Online 1).

Microsoft Dynamics GP is very reliable. For example, the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions are backed by commitment from Microsoft, which includes a ten-year support life cycle for each major release. This is combined with ongoing investments allied in research and development across small and medium enterprises.  This form of reliability ensures small and medium enterprises grow their business ideas with confidence. This is because Microsoft Dynamics GP empowers the owners, managers, shareholders, partners, and investors to believe that the business ventures have management solutions keeping up with their dreams to survive, thrive, develop, and expand. Thus, Microsoft Dynamics GP ought to be regarded as a line of integrated and adaptable business management solutions enabling employers and employees among small and medium business ventures to formulate organizational decisions with confidence. Consequently, they are enabled and empowered to ensure the decisions and policies are implemented effectively and efficiently (CPA Online 1).

The feature determining if Microsoft Dynamics GP is fit for a particular venture’s software is also easy and practical.  This is because it involves the business venture gaining access to a free Dynamics GP software demo. The demo can include additional product literature as well as customer references and competitive alternative product recommendations. These additional features are however provided at personalized pricing standards. This ensures the people or organizations acquiring Microsoft Dynamics GP are able to ascertain that it is a fit to their software needs at affordable costs (CPA Online 1).

The most popular functionality modules of Microsoft Dynamics GP include cash flow management and general ledger. Thus, Microsoft Dynamics GP improves cash flow with customized information views as well as forecasting capacities in order to allow the business venture to monitor, predict, manage, and understand aspects allied to cash inflows and outflows. Consequently, it is able to reduce the time taken and effort spent on accounting tasks as it applied comprehensive automation while tracking and analyzing financial information in a way suiting either a small or medium business venture. Microsoft Dynamics GP is also applied during payable financial management in order to improve a venture’s abilities to control expenses through up to the minute payables informational updates. Thus, it can be applied for easy management of vendors including debtors and creditors. Lastly, Microsoft Dynamics GP is applied during financial receivables management. This feature is crucial as it maximizes a venture’s computing potential. It involves Microsoft Dynamics GP moving processor-intensive features from the organizations’ computer systems utilized on a daily basis by employees to meet and fulfill organizational financial, managerial, and operational functions (CPA Online 1).


The 2013 Microsoft Dynamics GP has therefore applied in various areas including migration to management reporter and E-connect as it is easy to use. More so, its version keep improving to ensure purchasing and financing functions in an organization are provided in a dynamic sense by integrating with multitude of other programs and software. As a result, Microsoft Dynamics GP has played a key role in ensuring the accounting system management upgrades to enhanced levels meeting and fulfilling organization goals and objectives effectively and efficiently. For example, it stores transactional details. This allows employees and employers to slice and dice the information desired at a particular time without undergoing cumbersome and complex steps to retrieve the data. Lastly, it should be noted that Microsoft Dynamics GP allows customization while permitting integrations among systems without engaging in cumbersome various plug-ins due to the software simplifying the task. This improves reconciliations among other tasks related to financial and management.

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