Sample Business Studies Essay on Forces that you believe Shape the Relationship between Business and Society

Forces that you Believe Shape the Relationship between Business and Society

            The relationship between any business and society highly influences the business’ success in a given economy. For a company to create a friendly interaction with the society, it should consider various aspects. The two forces that determine the relationship between business and society are; the employee relations, and the kind of technology integrated into the business (Aras & Crowther, 2012).

            The relationship between business and society to a larger extent depends on the internal relations between the employees. A business that ensures that there are good relations between management and employees eventually relates well with the society. These relations leads it in identification of socio-economic factors and performance appraisals aids employees in boosting their economic conditions thereby making a business to build a good reputation (Aras & Crowther, 2012). For example, in Starbucks, despite offering high-quality products, the company created a favorable environment for its employees, which highly boosted its reputation in the society (“Starbucks Case Study,” n.d.).

            Moreover, the technology applied by a business highly influences its relations with the society. A business that uses improved technology reduces its costs of operations as well as the ecological impact created on the environment. This reduces the adverse effects to the entire society and raises the support it gets from its stakeholders. It is clear that Starbucks integrated high technology in roasting its coffee that reduced harm caused to the environment thereby gaining the support of the society (“Starbucks Case Study,” n.d.).

            Good business interrelations and use of improved technology in Starbucks created a good reputation for the company thereby increasing sales as a result of increased purchasing power of customers who included employees. Also, they were able to conquer new markets due to their technological advantage that highly valued the well-being of the society. Therefore, there is a need for businesses to create good relations with the society to achieve success (Aras & Crowther, 2012).


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