Sample Business Studies Dissertation Conclusion Paper on General Motors Reinvention

General Motors Reinvention

The current trend of changes in the information age is inevitable for any remarkable excellence in business. This cuts across all business engagements not limited to marketing strategy, products design, product packaging, advertising criteria and managementapproach of the organization. Continuous monitory of market trends gives the management most appropriate directions and timings when making decisions

            Here we address a case study of General Motors, an American motor vehicle manufacturing company which was going bankrupt with profits going down as from 2005 much before the automobile industry crises between 2008 and 2009. It happened that the company reached a point that it couldn’trun without getting financial aid from external sources. The company’s business had gone to an extent that its brands had become obsolete (General Motors Reinvent, 2009). The clips provided herein display New General Motors trying to master its position in the market and regain the goodwill of clients, investors, and general society. The loss of sense of brands contributed much to the downfall of the business. This eroded the trust clients, financial institutions, investors, and even employees had with them thus calling for restructuring (Thornton, 2010). Reassurance of stability through persuasion is demonstrated in the video clips. The company had to design brands which assure efficiency in fuel consumption, high speed in the industry and of new technology of life saving. In addition, the company designed a new website named ‘General Motors’ to open a window for all partakers into a totally new company with structure and stability in the market. The climax of it all comes when Mr.Ed Whitacre the chairman & CEO of General Motors speaks out on how they managed to repay their loan back five years ahead of the scheduled time (General Motors, 2010). He also takes public through the display of the processes in the manufacturing plant for the new brands and challenges the audience to try the product. These are truly shear efforts to accept unavoidability of change and mandatory efforts to catch up with the changes which might have overtaken anyone aspiring to stay afloat in the market.


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