Sample Business Studies Business Plan Paper on Positioning Statement

Positioning Statement

If you are a student at University of Arizona and looking for ample parking space then the best application for you is UA- E-Park. We offer convenient parking arrangements customized to suite your dire needs. Students take little time locating their reserved parking lots hence saves fuels and time which is of great essence. Unlike other parking service providers, UA- E-Park provides the best services and flexible payment modes that include the use of MasterCard, Cat-card, American-Express and Visa. It is a convenient way to handle payment activities hence facilitates student busy schedule. The procedure followed is simplified and incorporates NetID log in system that is commonly used by student at the university.

There are many benefits attributed to our products as outlined below. The first benefit is that student protects the surrounding in the sense that UA- E-Park application is environmentally friendly. Spending a lot of time looking for a parking is a theme of the past with the use of our application. Traditionally, this process consumed a lot of precious time that could be used to carry out other duties. In addition, the application is a cheap mode of reserving parking and one of its kinds in the twenty first century. Our competitors offer low quality services at very expensive rates. Students can download the application on their Smartphone’s hence able to make reservation regardless their location. Lastly, it allows tracking of parking arrangement and unauthorized students are charged accordingly for parking on the wrong parking lots. By doing this, conflicts that would have arisen are prevented leading to a healthy relationship at school. These are just but some of the accrued benefits.