Sample Business Studies Article Review Paper on Smarter-Off shoring

Smarter-Off shoring

            Off shoring is a practice of getting work done in a different country across national borders. The practice usually lower cost, ensure availability of highly skilled workforce and results in getting work done faster through a vast global talent pool. The majority of the offshore service jobs have substantially expanded in developed countries such as India, Eastern Europe, and Asia. However, there is a price associated with offshore service job popularity. For instance in Bangalore, the wages have scaled up as the demand for fluent English speakers from college rises. For companies experiencing offshore services for the first time have to evaluate their business needs pertaining to the level of skills of the workers, global connectivity, and the business environment.

            Rapidly growing pools of college-educated people are usually available outside the hot spot cities. These people have the capabilities and skills to work in multinationals. However, the problem facing many countries that are willing to provide offshore services is picking a suitable site. Therefore, companies looking for a location have to focus on low wages as well as strategizing on ways that will fulfill the needs of candidate cities. In navigating the global labor market, companies with an extensive global network of captive operations easily locate their site for offshore services without further analysis.

            Offshore is not enough but a smarter offshore makes benefits outweigh the risks and it is necessary for companies. A smarter offshore is very popular by   ensuring a decreased cost and tax, gives companies and opportunity to exploit time zone advantage, provides companies with flexibilities such as hiring elimination and cost termination. However, there have been recent critics against off shoring that are worth noting for companies. Consideration of political climate and differences in work practices and culture requires demanding strategies for companies to reap maximum benefits of off shoring.