Sample Business Plan on Blue Fitness Gym

Business Plan on Blue Fitness Gym

Executive Summary

The business outline summarized in this plan is an all rounded fitness club that will provide a range of different exercise techniques in order to satisfy its customers. We feel this market is very profitable since it is an explored market and it reaches a larger population across Ain Khaled. There has been a rising trend in Qatar to quit unhealthy habits that lead to unhealthy lifestyles. Increasingly, people are working to stay fit and healthy. Club memberships in Qatar have grown swiftly for the past decade and a strong market makes a strong business. We are a solid investment because start – up sport gyms receive close to one thousand two hundred new members annually. This will enable our investment to break even in less than six years.

Blue Fitness Gym seek to provide quality services and benefits to its members that no other club in Qatar can offer. We want to take on investments and use them wisely in order to come up with a sports facility that will satisfy our customers’ needs. Among our supporting amenities are a well vanished common area with wifi hotspot access and food and beverage outlet intended to create a sense of comfort among our customers.


Blue Fitness Gym is a physical fitness facility available to females of age 15 – 55 years. We focus in the more mature females, as we target mothers and house waves who are neglected in this community when it comes to gym and physical workouts. Members of our facility can be comfortable knowing that they are accessed to whatever assistance they might need regarding designing and implementing an exercise regimen, while receiving our services in a more attractive place that emphases on the home atmosphere, along with a much lower price compared to the other gyms in the area. In order to meet our marketing objectives, we seek to implement some primary marketing strategies that will enable the firm break even in less than six years. Diversity already plays a bigger role in this field and we plan to invest in gym equipment, aerobics, a coffee shop and a common area for relaxation in order to install a sense of comfort to our customers. To further this diversity, we will also be targeting a younger demographic in the region. Our business location is surrounded by several high schools, colleges, and new malls with approximately 9,800 people that can translate to our potential customers. We are solid that this group will find our facilities and services attractive due to our geographic positioning and our low affordable prices. We will provide a substitute for the wellness centers within and outside education institutes in the region.

In summary, the Blue Fitness facility will be a managed effort among 3 aspiring female entrepreneurs to establish the fundamental in sports fitness.

Background of the Company

Blue Fitness targets the average health – conscious female population who may want to live a healthy and stress free lifestyle. Blue Fitness is clean and an easy to access fitness facility that includes the fundamentals of a health club set up. Our clients benefit by paying the low price that is tailored according to their payment needs in order to use our facilities and services. We also have other supporting amenities such as an open area with a wifi hub and a coffee shop intended to bring our customers closer.

Mission Statement

Blue Fitness is a sport and wellness facility that seek to create awareness about healthy lifestyle and its benefits. This marketing plan will serve as a channel for the facility to focus its image as differentiated from alternatives within the market place. This will focus branding, pricing, distribution, promotional strategies and other relevant materials within the first five months. Our vision is to create a healthy and family oriented gym and provide various strategies and work out programs related to health care.

Strengths and Keys to Success

  • Lowest cost of services affordable to common population
  • Professional trainers from top ranked health care institutions
  • Management that is committed and dedicated towards health care services

Strategic Goals

  • Register close to 9,000 new members within its initial year of operation
  • Receive over 18,000 lead referrals within its first year of operation
  • Attain market share of 76 percent of Ain Khaled fitness and gym industry
  • Expand to different locations within a period of five years
  • Achieve highest level of customer satisfaction of about 96 percent within its first year of operation.


Blue Fitness aims at creating a facility that will enable clients have fun while receiving the exercise they need. We will pay sizable attention to what we offer to our customer on the belief that body work out is most sustainable and enjoyable when undertaken with others. In the same context, the social element of gym should have the capability to drive membership to Blue Fitness in greater numbers as the business opens up to more opportunities for members to work out and train with their friends.


Our facility concentrates towards supporting a healthy lifestyle for average females in the region. Services are available as from 7 am to 10 pm 7 days a week. Our clients enjoy clean and various cardiac, and strength training equipment that are hygienically treated on daily basis. Among our special packages are Aqua training session and other designed programs targeting older females of age 55 who suffer from osteoporosis, and a 2 days a week free Mother Daughter sessions, were mothers will be able to bring along their daughters for a Latin dance class. The facility will also include a hygienically treated pool, running two sessions in a day. The elder sessions running from 8 am through noon, and an afternoon session, which is a free swimming session. We seek to offer different levels of membership in form of cards that will be upgraded every two months. The pricing in the levels are same for all target groups. The membership level plan is as follows:

  • Normal Card – this is the first card that will be given to a new member. It will cost 900 QR
  • Silver Card – After two months, the customer receives a silver card which will cost 800 QR
  • Gold Card – the customer will receive a golden card after two more month which will cost 700 QR.
  • Platinum Card – Customers will receive a Master Card on their seventh month of using our facilities and services. This card will cost 600 QR. This card will come with additional benefits such as;
  • 20 % off from our coffee shop and shop supplies.
  • One day for an extra friend (free)
  • 10 % off to register a friend from the original price.

Geographic Position

We have come upon an opportunity to rent a piece of property worth 16000 QR per month. The property consists of a two floor building and a swimming pool that only needs little renovation. It is located in Ain Khaled – Wadi Al shaheeniya Street.

Market Analysis.

The marketing section is one of the most crucial sections in the business plan. Market analysis outlines important information about how the organization’s best interests are attained. An important goal of the marketing section is to detail how the organization will react to the market conditions (Hill & Jones, 2010). The performance of Blue Fitness is heavily based on how well the firm can carry out its marketing plan in the marketplace.

Due to technological advancement and social changes in the past decade, exercised has become less and less of an unconscious activity of our day to day lives. Our culture has shifted from “labor intense work to sitting in front of computer screen barely moving at all” (Gina, 2012). According to Keith & Shehada (2013), the trend has made people not to move enough at their jobs and have to seek out alternatives in exercise like work out sessions at fitness centers.

Conversely, the industry has been changing its trends very rapidly of recent. The past decade has seen major changes in the following aspects;

  • Individual usage of fitness and health care training facility has grown up
  • Body work out and exercise has become a daily life routine of people living in Qatar in the past years.
  • Fitness memberships are increasingly getting popular in office environment and around Qatar as a whole. Companies and institutions are including health memberships as part of employee remuneration package.

Wellness and fitness facility market in Qatar has been serving a high income segment lately. Average income of fitness club female member is 58,000 QR as of 2012 study (Gina, 2012). This leaves a large gap of low – income population with unsatisfied needs. BlueFitness will fundamentally exist to provide a gym facility to both the lower and average income class without compromising on quality of its service.

Market Growth Potential.

Sport and fitness industry has a lot of possible growth in the future for new venture capitalists. Blue Fitness will have an age limit of 15 years. This means that the market size comprises of all female population that live around Ain Khaled and are between the age of 15 and 55. From the year of 2008 to 2014, this population has grown from 320,109 to about 510,000 (Gina, 2012). This is a 23 percent increase in the market size. There has been an increase in the market size of about 7 percent in the past two years (Gina, 2012). From these studies it is possible to assume continual growth in the market size and the targeted population.

However, Blue Fitness’ employees have to acknowledge constant variations in the environment. The nature of the sport and fitness industry is that it is a subject to changes due to technological advancement understanding of the human body (Gina, 2012). The staff need to be capable of providing the information and exercises needed by the customer. It is also integral to acknowledge trends that come and go in order to allow easy and quick adjustments of the emerging methods. These variations in the market environment can be managed by attending various expos and paying attention to novel routines that seem to be coming popular.

Industry Life Cycle

Health care and fitness club can be defined as a service facility that is aimed at offering physical health care and fitness exercises with the assistance of dedicated equipment. This industry usually serves both male and female customers.  However, in some instances, females are given special attention by providing them with female only clubs in which all staff including trainers are females. The atmosphere is often made casual to provide customers comfortable experience that enable to carry out body exercises with ease.

Health care and fitness industry in Qatar is currently in the growing stage. The country has enjoyed extraordinary world – wide recognition in sport and fitness in the past years and continues to improve through targeted efforts geared towards creating a healthier society.  Furthermore, the population in Ain Khaled has been growing for the past years. However, this promotes the concept that sooner rather than later a new wellness center will arrive in Ain Khaled irrespective of our plan.

Market Segmentation

Our ultimate objective is to create health care awareness and then market to as large population as possible. Due to occupation challenges, alternative wellness centers, and limited marketing resources, such an impractical objective would be fruitless. As a result, we are forced to break the overall market place into fundamental levels. As stated earlier, female ages 15 – 55 demographic will be our target market. However, we segment this into 15 – 25 and 30 – 55 groups with group 30 – 55 being our main target. Although the 15 – 29 does not possess the buying power of the 25 – 55 years old group, they still constitute to about 32 percent of the overall market and thus equally powerful group. This group has potential in showing interest in fitness activities that can be translated into our customers. It is also important to note that female population take primary importance since they show interest in sports and fitness, which we are trying to communicate.

The age group that proves most prevalent is the 15 – 55 ranges by occupying about 64.2 percent of the total population living around Ain Khaled.

Sex      :           Female

Age     :           15 – 29 years                           32 %

30 – 55 years                           60 %

Age outside the bracket          8 %

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

This section uses Porter’s Five Forces analysis to gives a deeper understanding of the competition forces as well as their underlying causes, reveals the roots of an industry’s present profitability while providing a benchmark for anticipating and influencing competition over time (Brown, 2010). It is integral to define the competitive forces and shape them in the favor of the organization while developing a strategy.

Threats of New Entrants in the Market Place.

The possibility of novel firms trying to make entries in the market place is always at hand whenever there is a possibility of profit. However, start – up capital and fixed cost is high for a sports and fitness center. The following are factors that could have an impact on potential income of fresh entrants;

  • High start – up capital requirements
  • High cost of entry into the market place
  • Economies of scale
  • Low customers switching costs
  • Easy access to fitness facilities supplies

Power of Suppliers

The power of suppliers in the sports and fitness industry is relatively low. There exist several suppliers offering comparable equipment and thus difficult for one supplier to shoot up prices. Due to many suppliers, it is also possible for the buyer to switch brand names. The sports and fitness industry does not rely heavily on their suppliers since usually a firm makes giant orders at the beginning. Other factors that are worth focus are;

Power of Buyers

This element should not be underestimated. Even though Blue Fitness is the first center to offer fitness services to female population, it is not the only wellness center in the region. As a result, it is important to create customer satisfaction through value chain in order to retain the already acquired customers.

Availability of Substitutes

Health industry is not entirely based on fitness and wellness centers. There are possible substitutes to what Blue Fitness Gym seek to offer to its potential customers such as outdoor sports.

Competitive Rivalry

Currently, there is a low competition in the market place.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT is the result of both internal and external researches. Pahl and Richter (2012) defines SWOT Analysis as the extent to which an organization’s present strategy, strengths and weaknesses are relevant to the business environment that the firm is operating in. Strengths and weaknesses are internal elements and Pahl and Richter (2012) recommends that this should encompass the four areas of marketing, financial, manufacturing and organizational. Opportunities and threats focus at the key environmental issues such as the economic situation, social changes such as population and technological changes.

The following is a list of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for Blue Fitness. We seek to use this information in order to make the most of our strengths as well as opportunities, while minimizing weaknesses and threats. It is integral to acknowledge and promote awareness throughout our firm to ensure that everyone endeavors towards the mutual goal.

Strengths and Opportunities

Blue Fitness’ fundamental strength is the tailored price of the club membership. Blue Fitness will provide a variation in the level of membership cards to be purchased. The club is all about flexibility, which is integral in our society. The facility seek to provide flexible training hours for busy high school and college students, business professionals, and other population that make up the Ain Khaled demographic.

Another strength for the Blue Fitness Gym is the Judgment Free Atmosphere slogan. This will attract a larger population of average female customers in Ain Khaled region. Other strengths include free personal training, and easier to use equipment that enhances comfortably of our clients during work out sessions.

There are several opportunities that could greatly boost the growth of Blue Fitness. The key opportunity the facility has is using our close geographic location that is surrounded by many schools, colleges and business premises to include varied age demographic. Business premises brings customers who would want to stop in after a day of work. Another opportunity is the in – trend of health consciousness. Furthermore, increasing chronic diseases are making people to pay at least importance to exercise and health care activities. These factors are extremely influential in the present society and can greatly help our business growth. BlueFitness is very affordable making clients feel like there is a great value in the services they get.

The following table highlights the organization’s Strengths and Weaknesses, as well as the existing Opportunities and Threats that we anticipate to encounter.


–          Good geographic location

–          The Judgment Free Atmosphere slogan that attracts the average females in the region

–          High standard of service quality

–          Clean, stylish and modern facility that is a hassle – free.

–          Flexible hours of operation.

–          Variation in the levels of membership

–          Platinum Card Membership comes with additional benefits such as 10 percent payment discount, 20 percent off from our coffee shop and the ability to bring a friend at no cost

–          Multiple payment agreements. Our payment plans are tailored according to the needs of club members

–          Simplistic facility with free personal training and with minimal distraction



–          Lack of staff since Blue Fitness is a start – up firm

–          Elders might respond to this strategy slower than expected

–          Personal training services can be high in costs

–          Blue Fitness is a start – up firm and may face several uncertainties in terms of management and finance

–          The club lacks marketing budget to attract large business clients

–          There is a need to build strong relationship with clients for long term deals



–          There is currently no fitness facility in the region that targets the female population

–          Health care club market is swiftly growing

–          In an uncertain economy, low prices are important to consumers

–          Judgment Free Atmosphere slogan will attract larger population who would not otherwise join a sport club

–          Increasing chronic diseases are causing people to pay attention to exercise and health care activities

–          The Ain Khaled region consists of a large segment of market that is waiting to be tapped and totally ignored by investors




–          Recession and economic decline can slag down the development of sports and health clubs

–          Possibility of new entrants in the market place

–          Possible emergence of new substitutes

–          Seasonal demand



Marketing Strategy

Value Proposition

  • Blue Fitness will be equipped with the modern equipment from quality manufacturers.
  • Low costs subscription plans that are customized to suit the customers’ payment needs, starting from as low as 900 QR for basic body training exercises.
  • Personal qualified staff to assist club members achieve the intended results without wasting much time and energy.






Blue Fitness will develop their official website to create a brand and company image in the marketplace. The facility also plans to use its website and social media network to provide subscription services online.

Marketing Goals

Blue Fitness seek to position itself and develop a brand image in the Ain Khaled vicinity. We will take part in various events of health care campaigns and education programs.


Blue Fitness will begin by targeting low income segment of market around the Ain Khaled region. We will communicate to people about the benefits and needs of wellness programs. To meet this strategy, Blue Fitness must aggressively pursue interaction and relationships with individuals in public health awareness programs and various education institutions, and by sending news letters and emails through our official website.

Marketing Mix

Marketing mix consists of various characteristics that the organization can control directly (Hill & Jones, 2010). Blue Fitness’ marketing mix rely heavily on the following factors of product, price, distribution, advertising and promotion. The main goal here is to come up with a solid decision concerning these characteristics with assumption that all will result into a proactive outcome on value and response to our possible clients (Tony, 2009).


This is the fundamental characteristic of our market mix. The products and services we offer to our clients should act as the bridge to our success. Blue Fitness will consist of the following facilities;

  • A stylish and well equipped Gym facility
  • A modern aerobic facility
  • A round the clock coffee shop.
  • A common place vanished with modern furniture and wifi hotspot


Blue Fitness will encounter a challenging position in a new an untapped market of Ain Khaled. As a result, the facility must offer quality exercise and training services at low cost in order to attract the population that currently leads an alternative lifestyle. We will offer basic body workout and exercise service according to membership payment patterns. Our coffee shop will offer beverage and food products to our customers at a relatively low price in order to attract more customers.

Distribution (Direct Supply/ Direct Sale)

Blue Fitness will have their facility near the main street of Ain Khaled. We intend not to participate in any kind of franchise or branch network other than Ain Khaled vicinity.

Promotion Strategy

Blue Fitness will make use of internet as the primary channel to reach out to the targeted group. Our official launch will be fully supported by a creatively designed interactive web site and other popular social sites. We acknowledge various developments in technology and seek to channel several advertisements to intended target markets. We will also upload some training session video files on YouTube to support this strategy.

Secondarily, we plan to use local newspapers, magazines, television and radio other medium of advertisement. We will also print 6,000 brochures for creating awareness in the marketplace about wellness services. These brochures will be distributed in key health care seminars, sports and events where our officials will take part.


Positioning is one of the key aspects of our marketing strategy. This not only will decide who we will market to, but also can give us a leg up on possible competitors (Brown, 2010). We seek to position ourselves as the number one fitness facility in the region. As a result we aim to offer a facility with the capability of connection among our customer. This will be achieved by offering packages that will attract customers who would only train with their friends.

Financial Strategy

The tables below summarize the start – up expenditure for Blue Fitness Club

Sources of Capital

Investment requirement

Building Premise

(1600 per month x5 months)




Total Investment 80680


Start – up Expenses

Product Quantity Unit Price (QR) Price (QR)
Treadmill 4 2000 8000
Elliptical 2 1695 3390
Flyer Rower 1 2995 2995
Bench 1 495 495
Fitness Bike 2 850 1700
Yoga – Matts 20 70 1400
Swiss – ball

Swiss – ball

Swiss – ball










Weights 1kg












Scale 1 400 400
Music Set 2 1600 3200
Wifi Installation   1700 1700
Total     25880



Job Title Monthly Payment (QR)
Cleaning Lady


Professional Trainer (2)

Coffee Shop Attendant





Total 3900









Revenue Forecast











Control Mechanisms

Blue Fitness has already acquired a good knowledge of its customer base. We have acknowledged that the facility has the opportunity to make an entry into the marketplace and increase awareness among the female population living among Ain Khaled region over the coming five years. We are solid that the awareness will be 43 percent within the initial year of operation, 65 percent in the second, 76 percent in the third, 82 percent in forth and close to 90 percent in the fifth year of the marketing strategy execution.

We believe that our facility can monitor its marketing efforts through short surveys conducted through mails and phone cells. Because many individuals will not be ready to take part in these surveys at the beginning, the organization will have to provide information regarding promotional strategies and offer free training sessions in return for customers’ time. The survey will be performed in quarterly basis so as to produce effective analysis. To guarantee that the marketing efforts are aligned to the organization’s objectives, we will compare various data from awareness survey to the customer base annually. This will help meet the objectives of the facility.

Finally, other than attempting to attract new members, it is equally integral to seek feedback from the already acquired members so as to install a sense of loyalty towards Blue Fitness. As members come in for their training sessions we will suggest that our professional staff ask them to complete a summary survey about the sessions, membership cards, and other supporting amenities. This will enable us capture customers’ level of satisfaction.



Through the plan that we have outlined we remain solid that although a very convoluted and complex process to start and run such organization, we can meet such an ambitious effort. We have a sizable knowledge of the Ain Khaled area and we are willing to take risks to build a single center into a profitable facility. Besides, the population in the area is growing, and thus demanding an establishment of a physical fitness facility in the region.



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