Sample Business Plan for Eco-Garden

Business Plan for Eco-Garden

Question 5

Having enough procedures and ecoGarden products to educate people on the purposes of preserving our environment, we will be able keep and attract more farmers and gardeners willing to learn from our venture. These education will reduce the chances of plants being destroyed, perhaps due to lack of proper keeping of the environment. Apart from providing and enhancing the use of our product, we will be able to educate our customers a little about the right process to maintain different plants, also as a way of preserving them. Plants are important to our environment, and by preserving them in the right way, we will be able to reduce the chances of destroying them, and they will be able to provide a beautiful atmosphere and also other foods.

The different gardeners and farmers will be able to be invited in agricultural awareness in different communities, such as the entrepreneur week (dragons den), where they will be able advance their knowledge and understanding of their farm activities. However, as we introduce our products to people, we will have to come up with an experimental activity, that will enable our customers believe our products are efficient enough. By drawing the confidence of our customers, it will be easier working with them.

Question 7

Efficiency through cutting down cost and creating effectiveness, is the major element of our business operations. Customers in the market prefer using a product that takes care of their wants, at a cheaper price and long lasting. Our products create all these requirements, and all need to be done is undertaking enough experimental that will be able to interest our target, by showing how cheap and easy and eco-friendly our products are. As we win the confidence of our customer in the dragons den, that will mean that the demand for our products will increase and we will need some extra manpower for the education process, as well as the creation of our products to meet the required demand.