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Week 8 Blog

Apple is committed to provide consumer protection at all cost provided its customers feel safe while carrying out online shopping, e- mailing, making wireless calls, and surfing. To facilitate customer privacy, apples have improvised procedures to be followed by the users of internet in setting their networks. Embracing consumer self-help regulation reduces the risk of exposing personal information to unwarranted and unscrupulous people that use it for unintended purposes. The reason behind this is that consumers are in loggerhead with internet provider for tracking their activities online. On the other hand, when they experience breach of private information they blame internet providers for the outcome, which would have been protected if they took some measure at the beginning. Therefore, it is extremely important to put into place measures that will inhibit unwarranted interferences into our consumer privacy. Most of our latest products have features that enable you as the customer to limit the number of viewers that access your profile in various internet platforms. Apple’s advise all our esteemed customers to optimally use these applications.

Comment on Peer’s Blog

It is true that customer privacy is central to apples business. The adoption of the privacy policy brought in new light to the operation and handling of customer data. The policy guides the institution when collecting, transferring, using, storing, and disclosing individual data for our customers. The act of keeping information saves and sound is important in the sense that it enhances the tracking process in the occurrence of privacy invasion. I therefore support your contribution to the apples privacy initiatives, because through this endeavor the company has been in a position to improve the products it offers to the public.