Sample Business Law Paper on Ethics Issue

Ethics Issue

Ethics is actually derived from an individual judgment of what is right to do or wrong. Extension of ethics to a business, therefore, requires employees to make moral judgments on what is possibly right or wrong.  Business ethics dictates how workers conduct themselves in a business establishment. Ethics establishes the rights and duties of employees in the business organization. The law cannot legislate on every aspect of the management and conduct. The business organizations, therefore, have established rules and traditions that ensure smooth running of business, ensuring that shareholders are protected.

In the day to day running of a business, workers are faced by different unique challenges that require decisions to be made in the best interest of the business. People employed face several ethical dilemmas. This is the conflict within the mind on what should be done not only in a particular situation but also in an ethical manner. Jennifer the president of Bananas! Is faced by an ethical dilemma when Carl, a junior associate in the I.T Department, asks for consent to review stolen data on the net that may help Bananas! Have an edge over its rivals. Bananas! Has been facing stiff competition and its business is not doing very well. Jennifer has the mandate to restore bananas! To profitability for the best interest of the company and its shareholders.

The other dilemmas Jennifer faces is the temptation to allow Carl access the data because her executive compensation depends on the company performance. There is a bigger temptation to allow Karl to view the secrets for Jennifer to earn more. It is in such situations that ethics comes in to moderate on the choices an employee is likely to make. If Jennifer views the data, she would not have broken any law but ethics and moral values go further than legislations. Ethics regulates the behavior in a way that provisions of the law may find it hard to place in legislation. Ethics dictates a higher moral behavior.

Jennifer has an executive role in Bananas and therefore she has the moral responsibility of guiding the company in a manner that respects ethical values and on the other hand ensuring that the Bananas remain relevant in its business. Her decisions are important because she chooses the path to be followed by the employees. If she makes a decision that disregards ethics, her employees are likely to act in a similar manner.

Law and ethics are complimentary. The question arising is, does it mean that if something is not illegal we have to do it? The answer to this is a clear no. we cannot do all that is not illegal because we are guided by necessity and ethics. No law criminalizes consumption of the hacked materials available on the internet. However good practices in ethics should dictate weather it is wise to use the competitor’s secret materials available in the internet. Whereas legality is important, ethics is equally important. It is ethically wrong to consume what does not belong to you without express consent of the owner. It is illegal to use copyrighted material according to the law however the materials on the net were not patented or copyrighted and therefore had Bananas! Decided to use the data, no illegality would have been committed but it will not be ethical.

A better solution for Jennifer will involve making the following; Jennifer should act in a manner as if she was making legislation in an imaginary universe. In a way she also would have also expected other phone manufacturers to behave if her information was hacked. Jennifer should discourage Karl from accessing such information. Humanist approaches on ethics view an action as either wrong or right. It does not really matter if the end result may be positive. The actions Karl was seeking, though might have brought positive results to Bananas! were unethical. Her actions should be tailored in a way that respects humanity and the unwritten code of conduct dictating behavior. Access of the information circulating to the net is good but its means of getting it cannot be qualified because the material does not belong to Bananas

Jennifer should also inform her competitor of the leaked information. There might be no obligation upon her to provide such information to her competitor but ethically, it should be so. Weather an action is correct largely depends on the initial action and its correctness and not the result of the whole process. At times illegal means lead to positive results. The actions should observe certain divine rules to qualify its means to the intended material.

Certain levels of harm may permitted if there are justifications. In this case, consumption of material shall cause more harm to the competitor that good. The competing business might collapse if this material is used. It is not wise to make one company collapse to save own. Ethically, Jennifer should encourage extensive innovation and research to be able to counter stiff competition without causing harm to a competitor no matter how legally silent the law may be on the occurring circumstance.