Sample Business Essay Paper on Tobasco Jobs

This week’s discussion combines the learning objectives of Parts 2, 3, and 4 – Business Ownership and Entrepreneurship, Management and Organization, and Human Resources. Your textbook uses the US ice cream company, Graeter’s to demonstrate the challenges many small businesses face when family-based when family businesses expand operations and when the business operations are passed on to future generations.


One of the most successful family owned businesses in the world is Tabasco. Watch the videos on how this product is made and the history of the company: Links provided and Book info on US ice cream Company


Like Graeter’s, Tabasco must adapt to increased demand, new technology, and the challenges of making a profit while preserving the unique attributes of it’s product.

  1. Imagine that you’re a human resources manager for If you were writing the job specification for an entry-level employee, what qualifications would you include, and why?
  2. Food production facilities like the Tabasco factory must comply with strict regulations to ensure purity and What type of departmentalization do you think Tabasco uses to maintain safety and quality from seeds to mash to the 700,000 bottles that leave the facility every day for the 185 countries where Tabasco is sold?