Sample Business Essay Paper on Motorola Phone

Motorola Phone

Motorola is a multinational telecommunications organization that having its base at Schaumburg, Illinois, in the United States of America. The company was established in year 1928, by Joseph Galvin and Paul Galvin, having Lenovo as its parent organization and other subsidiaries company. The organization has a broad base of employees, ranging from casual and other professional staffs performing different assigned duties.

All the managers in the organization bear the fact that they are dealing with a formal organization. Therefore, all the relationship between the junior and senior employees are defined by company’s organizational structure. Motorola company has company is delineated by an organorgram and job descriptions. Each and every manager has apparently known relationships with respect to official reporting.

The organization has a line and staff organizational structure, having direct, vertical relationships existing among various levels as well as specialists with the prime responsibility of providing advice and assistance to the line managers. Motorola has both the line and staff departments, which are assigned the duty of issuing the line individuals with advice as well as assistance in other specialized areas such as the quality control advising department (QCAD). The line functions include production and marketing while on the other hand staff functions are personnel, quality control, financing and accounting among others.

Driven by the desire to meet the different needs of its clients, and satisfy them fully, the organization has established the current mission, vision, goals and strategy of the company. The company mission entails as a global communication leaders motivated by a passion to invent and an unceasing commitment towards advancing the way the whole world connects. There communication solution provides people, business and governments with the opportunity to have a high level of connectivity as well as mobility. The organization’s vision statement is that they have a rich history, a dynamic future, and as Motorola they are the spirit of invention drives it. The team works with the key goal of eliminating their woes by coming up with a vast portfolio of phones and considering stoppage on the focusing on a single area.

The management of Motorola emphasizes the relevance of conducting business in a manner that is seen as ethical and honorable. It calls for constant respect between individuals as well as uncompromising integrity, which epitomizes the organization’s core ethical principles. They have a culture of getting guidance from the set moral principles and business objectives.

The organization is faced with innovation problems. It has lost its motivation towards being innovating so as to come with various types of handset communication devices. The body is undergoing financial crisis resulting from the small sales and stiff competition from other telecommunications multinational such as Samsung.