Sample Business Essay Paper on Building a Lunchroom Project

Building a Lunchroom Project


Some lunchrooms have tried to offer better dining facilities and services with to their different clients. Most schools have maintained the path of creating a pleasant and attractive dining environment for their students/pupils, with the aim of improving the quality of their services. There are lunch room projects that can be put in place, implemented and affected towards realizing the vision and mission of achieving their set environmental dining room objectives and goals. In this essay on the project proposal, I am going to provide detailed analysis on a project meant to improve the environmental outlook and dynamism towards promoting fresh fruits and vegetable consumption in Mayfield Middle School.


Fresh fruits and vegetables need to be included in the diet of school-aged children, as a product user acceptance criterion. Their inclusion in the children’s diet makes them acquire different minerals and vitamins that are demanded by their bodies, without necessarily having to add extra calories, fats, and other sugary foodstuffs into their diets (Zoumbaris, 2009). Apart from vegetables, the school has developed a lunch program offering each pupil a single fruit or vegetable, on a daily basis. The school has provided the students with an option of having a fresh cut produce, and this was only done in plastic serving cups; the whole fruit was considered a rarity.

In most of these schools, they lacked color and signage in their serving area, making its interior less attractive to the eye. They have monochromatic spaces; having painted all over with gray colors, both the walls and floors, and stainless steel, which were meant for serving trays and equipment. The visual space in their cafeteria is not appealing to the eye, as well as to the general clients, having a population of 255 students feeding at the cafeteria, during lunch time.

This project entails coming up with a new design of the school cafeteria, as well as serving the line drew attention, with respect to the fruit and vegetable offerings. The organization should come up with new colorful trays that will improve the display of the fresh fruits to the students, among others who visited the cafeteria for dining purposes. The use of royal blue plate will create attention thereby grabbing color contrast with respect to the fruits and vegetables. This will be more useful for the fruits and vegetables are bright and at the same time served in crisp, golden cups.

Inside the cafeteria, their organization should install several upright wire baskets, which will be filled with whole fruit, and the process undertaken by the cash register. This will have a resultant effect of encouraging as well as increasing the rate of student selection. The walls of the criteria need to be highly decorated by the new signage. The walls will be painted with a light paint, disbanding the gray color, replacing it with others that are brighter, attractive and appealing to the eye, such as light green.

A post-modern framed menu board will have to include all the meals, fruits, and vegetables, well decorated, drawn with a high level of nutritional calligraphies. For all the daily reimbursable and meal selection, the organization will have to ensure that their names and photos are updated. On the ceilings, there need to be colorful posters and banners, hanging from the top. This will have a resultant effect of making the place more inviting thereby promoting consumption levels of vegetables and fruits.

As a product user acceptance criterion, fresh fruits will have to be more appellant, audible and prove to be nutritious; and should increase to nearly 160 percent in the entire organization. Oranges, apples, and grapes must always be available and have the children’s diet. The area must be redesigned and become as much more colorful as possible. There must be a minimum of sixteen new designs, which must be postmodern, for the purpose of decorating space.


Improving the interior standards of the lunchrooms in Mayfield Middle School will have a resultant effect of attracting the entire population, by their appealing decoration standards. This will only be achieved if the school nutrition staff in the school remains focused, towards the incentives meant to improve on the choices about healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables. This project will have the objective of ensuring that the upcoming school year will record a general increase with respect to fruit and vegetable consumption, as well as a selection.  


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