Sample Business Essay on Positive and Informative Online Review of a Satisfactory Product

Positive and Informative Online Review of a Satisfactory Product


MacBook pro MD212LL/A is by far the best PC I have ever owned. The simplicity and quality of this computer is stunning. It is thin, light, and powerful. The design of this computer provides so much power into a small space. As a result, the MacBook delivers both high performance and portability. Despite its compact design, the computer delivers up to 10 hours battery life, which is far better than other laptop brands.


TheMacBook pro comes with over 4 million pixels for its spectacular retina display. As a result, users are able to retouch their photos, edit their movies in HD, and experience an amazing level of clarity. Moreover, basic functions such as web browsing and revising a document is better than it has ever been with the MacBook pro. The display in this device makes the MacBook pro one of the most advanced high-performance notebooks.  With a 2560×1600 resolution, users are able to see more of their high-resolution images with great accuracy. Moreover, the retina display reduces brightness while maintaining quality and color.


The Apple MacBook pro is equipped with the force touch trackpad that allows users to make use of realistic gestures. For example, a user can swipe or pinch to switch between various applications and navigate various contents. The Force Touch trackpad has force sensor capabilities that detect differences for pressure the user applies. This allows the user to have deeper connection to his/her content, and brings more functionality.

Advanced Intel mobile processor

The MacBook pro comes with an Intel Core i7 processor, which allows the user to run the most performance hungry applications. This implies that users can use apps such as photo studio. The MacBook pro`s hyper-Threading technology delivers enhanced performance by assigning each core multiple tasks at the same time. With processor speeds of 3.1GHz and Turbo Boost speeds of 3.4GHz, this processor can run almost any application.

Superfast file storage

            The MacBook stores nearly everything. The startup time is significantly fast, applications launch quickly and users enjoy navigating their desktops because it is responsive and fluid. The PC comes with 1.6 GBps flash storage speeds, which allows users to import huge files in seconds. In addition, the model`s 128 GB of flash storage allows the user to keep all the important files. Pro has ultrafast read and write performance flash storage. This makes this computer fast in operating.