Sample Business Coursework Paper on Equality and Diversity: Metropolitan Police Services

Equality and Diversity: Metropolitan Police Services


Equality and diversity is one of the multidimensional way of bringing sanity in the management if various organizations across the world. The strategies laid in bring equality and diversity has a profound influence on the way in which various stakeholders within an organization are being handled. In order to come up with substantial legal policies that would ensure effective execution of roles in an organizational context, there is a need to inculcate the notion of equality and diversity even as we formulate the governing policies. Diversity and equality in its immediate context refers to the provision of equal opportunities for all the stakeholders in a given organization (Clements, & Jones, 2008, p.132). In this prospect, the main aim here is to guard various parties against various sets of discrimination.

These sets of discrimination can vary from disability, gender, belief, religion sexual orientation, age race and belief among others. In trying to exhibit high level of equality and diversity, various organizations always advocate for provision of equal opportunities to individuals in terms of services (Hill, & Kenyon, 2008, p. 54). Some of the areas that are dwelt on are the provision of equal employment opportunities, medical facilities, advocacy for interest and opinions. The inception of the equality act was one of the milestone strategies that the government of UK has made in trying to create an ambiance of equality and diversity (Gaine, 2010, p.123). In this evaluative research report, a thorough discussion is done on UK metropolitan police with keen attention on their effectiveness in spearheading equality and diversity. In specific terms the research evaluates the equality and diversity practices that the metropolitan police department has put in place. The analysis takes the perception of their effectiveness in addressing total equality both in provision of the security service and the management of its workforce. The main objective of this evaluative research is to provide a standing on the very effectiveness of the equality and diversity practices that have been inculcated by this institution and provide a reflection on the whole process of evaluation.

Review of metropolitan police background on equality and diversity

In their quest to inculcate equality and diversity in the organization, Metropolitan police service has put in strategies that would help them to serve the citizens at large. The inception of the quality act has made quite easy for them to give much attention to the notion of collaboration with the other stakeholder in ensuring that the country is safe and so are the citizens in it (Clements, & Jones, 2008, p.332). There are five specific areas of concern that this evaluative report addresses as valued by this organization. These entails the equality and diversity strategy,  the equality in the dispensation and dissemination of information, the notion of public access in the country, the engagement of the community and lastly the equality objectives. These are some of the pillars which hold the spearheading of equality and diversity for this organization. With regard to public access to London, the organization is being guided by the police and crime plan of 2013 to 2016 as well construed by the Mayor’s Office or Policing and Crime (MOPAC). The inception of these statutes as connoted by the MOPAC is one of the strategies that the organization has put in place to provide the clear way to cultivate equality and diversity (Clements, & Jones, 2008, p.234). The following analysis gives an incisive of each aspect of equality and diversity as connoted by this organization.


The evaluation of strategy of equality and diversity

The main strategy of spearheading equality and diversity is based on driving reactions and responses towards addressing the important issues that tend to tackle inequality and discrimination. Metropolitan police has given much attention in its strategy on the very problem that is at the center of equality and diversity which is discrimination. The institution is very keen to bring on board the advent of creating an understanding of the whole context of equality by including its strategy the inception f other stakeholders who are vital players in ending the menace of discrimination (Gaine, 2010, p.124). The provision brought out in this strategy is also in line with the Equality Act which relates the need for better and equitable provision of services to all. The strategy of ensuring that the corporation understands the real dynamics involved in the formulation of the strategy that caters for all aspects and departments is very vital in perceiving the impending menace is a wider perspective. In its strategy the institution has dwelt much on the collaboration with the stakeholders like the community, the government and even the private sector. This collaboration helps in the formulation of a common goal and objective which is deemed to bring equal opportunities to all the citizens of the United Kingdom (Hill, & Kenyon, 2008).

Equality information

As connoted the statutes governing this organization, it is the duty of their obligation to fulfill all the regulations and stipulations as contained in the special responsibilities under the Equality Act of 2009. Some of the duties that Metropolitan Police Service carry out that exhibit high sense of equality is the elimination of the unlawful victimization,  discrimination,  and any form of harassment that is deemed to be quite contrary to the laws of equality. Additionally, this organization has been used as a tool of spearheading the notion of equal opportunities among people who tend to share secured characteristics and those who do not share it as well. With this move place, body is also engaged in fostering good correlations and reputational stance among the citizens who share certain protected values and those who do not (Gaine, 2010, p.243). In this prospect, the institution gives more value to the well being of the very people that it protects and provides grounds for which their rights and freedom can be guarded by using the stipulations from the Equality Law. In their question to foster transparency in the performance, the body has managed to ensure that they avail the necessary information to the public that exhibit their performance in encouraging equality and diversity. It is for this reason that the Metropolitan police provide information on its website on the structure it has put in place to engage in spearheading equality and diversity and accentuating their performance on the same (Clements, & Jones, 200, p. 648).

Diversity Community engagement

In trying to keep up with the obstacles postulated by the notion of inequality and discrimination, the institution has brought in the engage of the community and other stakeholder in creation an ambience of equality. The commitment for this move is seen when the body has sort support in terms of decision making from the community groups such as the religious groups from various diverse background in order to bring cohesion and service to all the stakeholders. In this prospect, some of the pertinent groups that the institution has engaged are the Independent Advisory group and the London Muslim Communities Forum. These groups, by their context, acts as the mediators of the police department and the communities at large. The coordination with the community through these interest groups is a sign that this body is indeed with the conviction of spearheading the high level of equality and diversity (Gaine, 2010, p. 64).

Equality Public access in London

In any organizational context, best way in which the clients or the citizens can access services offered by the organization is through the creation of efficiency in the communication networks which indeed would help the parties concern to access the information and services they require in the most appropriate way possible. In this line of though,  the Metropolitan police has made profound steps in making sure that every citizen get the public access to the services in the most appropriate way possible (Hill, & Kenyon, 2008, p. 321). The Police and Crime plan that is expected to be executed between 2013- 2016 is one of the tools that this institution has put in place to enhance public access. The main objective of this plan is to reduce the neighborhood crimes by 20% and save the cost of controlling crime by 20%.  In this quest, the body is keen to create a well stratified information system that would help them get alerts about the crimes in the most appropriate way possible (Clements, & Jones, 2008, p. 329). This notion transcends from the creation a contact center to the creation of website which has allowed the institution to get real time information about the crime. One important issue this body has done poorly is the sensitization of the public on ways to report crimes and what to do during a crime action scene.  The improvement should be done by creation of advertisements in the various popular media which would help in making sure that the public is well aware of the procedure to follow in order to access these public services.

A reflection

From the discussion brought, I have come to realize that for there to be profound equality and diversity, there is need for formidable structure to be put in place to which acts as guiding principles behind the notion of cohesion and proper interaction of the whole context of growth and development. Discrimination is at the center of the menace that is brought about by the lack of inadequacy in equality and diversity. . In this prospect, the main aim here is to guard various parties against various sets of discrimination (Chaney, 2011, p.45). These sets of discrimination can vary from disability, gender, belief, religion sexual orientation, age race and belief among others. In trying to exhibit high level of equality and diversity, various organizations always advocate for provision of equal opportunities to individuals in terms of services. I believe that the Metropolitan police services have transformed the advent of equality and diversity.


From the analysis of the organization, it is evident that it has exhibited a high level of equality and diversity in its operations. The individual value of beliefs and values have been enshrined in the policy that guides this organization.


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