Sample Business Case Studies Paper on M7 Int’l Business – TCT

  1. Jalan Bukit Seng

Has experience in top-flight management

Has vast language acumen

Worked in several jurisdictions

  • Ravi Desai

High academic qualification

Has top Management work experience in three different countries

Limited by his wife’s inability to work outside the home and speak English

  • Saumitra Chakraborty

Is experienced in management deputizing the outgoing managing director

Has the relevant connection to persons of influence

His work experience is limited to India, has not been exposed to other markets

  • Bret Harisson

Has some connections which are important for business

Has background knowledge of India

Doesn’t have top management level experience

  • Atasi Das

            Is ambitious and aggressive

Has some managerial experience- 2 years

Limited international experience and experience in top-notch management

  • Tom Wallace

Has vast knowledge and experience

Has management experience

Limited foreign working experience

Possible challenges

How to motivate staff to work under new leadership; Staff will always tend to get demotivated due to uncertainty associated with new leadership at institutions. Organize meeting where introductions is made to the members of staff in the India branch. This-way members of staff get to interact with the new Director.

How to motivate top management staff, especially those who sought the managing director position, to ensure excellence at their work; other managers warming up to assume the position may register their displeasure. The new manager has to formulate mechanisms of rejuvenating them to avert eventualities like massive resignations etc.

Acclimatization and adaptation to change in work environment: change in work environment from production in Singapore and or Malaysia to managing director in India requires adjustment and speedy learning. Reporting, communication and interpersonal skills have to be polished.

Challenge of creating strategic contacts in the new jurisdiction; he will be faced with the task of reaching out to stakeholders and key government sectors to find ways of business environment security and strategic exemption from tariffs etc.

Challenge of adjusting to the new culture and learning the new language; as the face of the Indian franchise, Mr. Seng has to learn the Indian culture and language to facilitate free communication and appreciation of the host culture.

To motivate the staff, the director built counter current trust in his employees. Only in this way will the employees trust and have confidence in his management practicum. He has to give an element of purpose in the employees which when achieved aligns them strategically in line with the vision of the company. The Director has to radiate confidence for him to stir a similar attitude in the employees (James, 1998).

The director has to initiate dialogue with top-level managers to minimize rebellion within the company (Harpaz, 1990). He has to be very transparent and reiterate the company vision and the steps to be taken under his stewardship towards realization of the vision. Align strategic incentives for the managers to ensure teamwork between the departments.

The director should establish life-work equilibrium. To settle in India successfully, the director has to establish a balance between work and his personal life. He should assign personal time to help him rejuvenate and get a better understanding of his new work environment. This can be achieved through joining local sports clubs etc.

Appointment of two individual to co-manage the director has numerous positive implications;

  • In cases of absence either one could take over director position while the other deputizes
  • It ensures delegation of duties, so that each deputy supervises a particular chain and is responsible for outcomes in that chain.
  • It motivates the employees and the management to work exemplarily as their input is readily compared to that of the other department. In this way, it potentiates healthy competition in the company.
  • Dual portfolio prepares and guarantees both deputies of the requisite experience for higher future honors in the job market (James, 1998)


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