Sample Biomedical Ethics Article Review Paper on McMahan

Article Review


The health care givers should allow McMahan to live. It is argued that advance directives should not be changed merely because the patient wants it to change. The doctors are expected to carry on with the advance directive given earlier, provided they can prove that the patient would lead a life of suffering if allowed to live in their condition. McMahan may have hard time convincing the health care professionals that she would be ok in future and that her existence should not be ruled based on the perceived suffering she would go through. The medical team would therefore be expected to make a decision based on McMahan’s quality of life, with this in mind, they would led McMahan die as he had directed earlier


Screening for disability is mainly done to reduce disability cases in the society. Many reasons have been given for this including the need to reduce economic burden on family and society, efforts to reduce government expenditure on social amenities tailored for the disabled people, among others. The major argument here is that should people with disabilities be denied the right to live just because of their condition? Other people have argued that disability does not make a person any lesser, while others see it as reducing quality of life lived by individuals


Glover’s factory case argues that human beings are concerned with screening in order to reduce or stop cases of disability in future. This choice affects the living people who various disabilities, because it seems to show that disabled people should not be born. There are no personal reasons that make Glover be against screening, but reasons exist to support screening beyond personal levels.