Sample Aviation Paper on Use of Contract Maintenance in Aircrafts

Use of Contract Maintenance in Aircrafts

Aircraft maintenance includes a broad range of activities, which must be carried out to make the airplane stay in the top state of airworthiness. The activities of maintenance, repair, as well as overhaul encompass a multifaceted mix of protective schedule and even unscheduled task that ensures the aircraft and its subsystems return as close to initial conditions (Quinlan et al., 2013). Thus, in a point of view, use of third party in aircraft repair and maintenance is an excellent notion due to the following reasons.

First, outsourcing is a good option for the facility operators since they may not have enough number of airplanes in a given fleet category to rationalize the costs of competent personnel, tooling, facilities, and test instruments needed to carry out the repair and maintenance internally (Kinnison & Siddiqui, 2012). Thus, in such instance, considerable savings are attained when a third party performs the repair. Normally, a third party shall have numerous contracts, and the vast amounts of work permit them to do such tasks at a reduced cost.

Second, when a third-party facility does the repair and maintenance of aircrafts, they remain accountable for compliance with the vendor’s ratified procedures, requirements, and policies (Quinlan et al., 2013). Thus, this remains an excellent approach to the management of repair facilities.

Third, even though cost savings idea may be the real motivation to outsource repair to the third party, numerous other factors come into play. For instance, the quality of work performed by the outside firms is often outstanding since there are proper equipment and expertise to handle any challenge (Quinlan et al., 2013). An individual management facility may lack all these, and this may hinder the quality of work done. The aviation sector is often very sensitive and requires skilled personnel to handle all the arising matters in relation to Maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO).

In conclusion, the use of third party in aircraft repair is a grand idea since it ensures quality, cost-savings, and airworthiness of planes.


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