Sample Aviation Paper on Elliott Aviation Executive Summary 67 Elliot Aviation Company

Elliott Aviation is the oldest private, family-owned company in the aviation industry. The company has developed and evolved, modified and also innovated to meet the continuous changing needs of its clients since 1936. The name “Elliott Aviation” is well known and trusted in the aviation industry for providing maximum quality dealings in air solutions. The only practical means of confirming all that is documented over the company is through visitation. A visit to the business is also an advantage for career development. The purpose of this paper is to give a summary of personal views over the company and its unique strength which stood out during our class visit to the enterprise. During the tour, we got a chance to observe how the company paint planes, how it remove old paints from aircraft, how leather seats are changed, and also how it changes inside plane beautification.

Depending on what we saw during the class visit, it was clear that the company is a preeminent provider of client-focused and inclusive answers for business aviation. The technicians of the company displayed a superior knowledge and skills of high level on their tasks related to aircraft repairs and components on different airframes variety.

 The company’s work environment was also clean and safe as per the specification of the manufacturers, client specification, and official company’s procedures. It was also observed that the firm performs its services in a timely, safe, and expert manner without rework. Its services were full of efficiency, craftsmanship and superior quality level. The company team is willing and efficient in sharing knowledge and capabilities, especially to visitors. In conclusion, it was clear that Elliott Aviation leads the aviation industry in installation capacity with upgrades which increase safety, reliability, and performance of the aircraft.