Sample Aviation Paper on Elliot Aviation Executive Summery

Elliot Aviation Company has been known to provide aircraft sales, innovative solutions, and aviation services since1936. The Company also provides other services which include plane sales and acquisitions, repairs, parts, avionics, paints and interiors, airplane executive and accessories. This paper is a summary of thoughts and distinct issues which stood out during the class visit to the Elliott Aviation Company. Most of the views and separate matters that are aired out in this paper are as a result of the kind of services we saw being offered at the Company. Some of the services we got an opportunity to have a look at include painting of airplanes, removal of old paints from planes, changing of the leather seats, and changing of the inside plane decoration.

. The Company seems to be very innovative and skillful in the way it removes existing exterior coatings by maintaining separate strips and sand bays. This removal is done before the aircraft entrance to their paint facility to ensure maximum adhesion of paint.   They are also using most recent painting techniques such as electrostatic. In the view of all these services, it was clear that the company offers expert solutions which meet the very need of their clients.

With their up to date facilities and equipment which we saw gives the reason why they deliver excellent quality. Their level of quality may also be due to the company’s proven processes together with their technicians who are highly trained and experienced. Finally, the Elliott company provide a positive, clean working environment which is dedicated to teamwork with exceptional customer service and quality artistry. The company has grown to one of the mainly treasured and successful aviation service business worldwide.