Sample Aviation Essay Paper on Washington DC trip 67

My three days trip to Washington DC entailed paying a visit to the FAA, AAAE, A4A, and NTSB.  The FAA has the airport, air traffic organization, technical and safety aviation center and  the  civil right departments to visit but I had a detailed visit at the aviation safety and the technical center headquarters that had much to do with aviation; at aviation safety center I got to know the responsibility of an organization in ensuring there is a worthiness of aircrafts of the organization, certification and approval of pilots , operation and maintenance in civil aviation and civil flight and development of regulation.  The technical center is where business operation and the creation and implementing of research programs take place. The FAA analyzes and determines the need for creating and maintaining the lab testing in order to develop quality standards for pilots and performance of the aircraft.

The second visit was at the AAAE and  A4A; the objectives of AAAE is to offer services to the airport industry, organizing training and workshop meetings and representing the airports in the regulatory processes are some of the services that AAAE provides to its members. It works towards cutting down through the differences that are being encountered in the US airlines on the Passengers facilitating charge[PFC].The effort of working together with the carriers cuts down the shortage of pilots and promotes diversification in the airline industry. In addition to that  A4A(airline for America) visit helped me to know its role in advocating for member airlines by shaping policies and ensuring safety, health and security in the industry in order to improve travel and the economy of America.

In conclusion of my trip, I visited the NTSB which is an independent federal agency that deals with the investigation of all the civil aviation accidents in U.S. It determines the main cause and recommends prevention of future accidents. It researches on the safety and ways of coordinating resources of the federal government by providing assistance to families affected by accidents. Its mission is to independently advance transportation safety; it embraces the value of transparency, accountability, and diversification in the transportation sector.