Sample Aviation Essay Paper on Threats to aviation security

Threats to aviation security

The use of technology is the society today has greatly contributed to the deterrence of individuals planning to engage in criminal activities. It is however critical; to note that the same technology has been a hindrance in airport service delivery as it has been the reason for the many problems that are witnessed in airports today. It has been challenging to integrate the security systems that were previously used with the new one that have undergone some changes especially when it comes to use and reliability. The adoption of advanced screening equipment is seen as a measure that is ill intended as the security personnel who conduct these activities as seen to be interfering with an individual’s privacy.

Since conception, the outside part of an airport is under proper surveillance to avoid intrusion from strangers and other onlookers. The monitoring of these large areas has also proved to be a challenge as the security personnel are seen to co hearse with terrorists and other strangers for their own gains. Though a number of problems have been solved by technology such as deterring of individuals from entering the airports, gaining access to airport vicinity and point areas without permission as well as thorough search of individuals before they gain access to aero planes there still exists a number of challenges that should be expressed more so in major airports that have existed ever since the discovery of aero planes. These include compromising security personnel, implantation of explosives into individuals such that when one gains access to overlapping areas of the airport. Apart from technology, diversification has also been a problem for individuals who pursue careers in aviation as there are limited positions. Some of these individuals may resort to unlawful activities.