Sample Aviation Essay Paper on leadership values

leadership values

One of the leadership values is caring. This value entail taking keen interest of other propositions postulated across the board. This value makes one to understand the personality of others and devise the best way in which they could be treated. The treatment is based on the profound experience on how these persons behave under certain conditions. Additionally, there is the notion of learning. This value requires a leader to listen to their colleagues and give much attention to the notion of high level commitment to knowledge they have about certain aspects of the company. in decision making for example, a leader should be one who includes others in coming up with profound solutions to the problems that affect the company. Furthermore, there is the value of appreciating other for what they do for the company. Here a leader is expected to appreciate every little improvement and achievement that employees makes within the organization as it acts as sense of motivation to them.

Contributing is also a value that need to be embraced by the leaders of organizations. A skilled leader would take part in making important decisions and participating in carrying out certain tasks within the company in order to encourage others that it can be done. a leader should also have the value of leading. Here they should be able to influence the various decisions of the people at large with keen attention to meeting the goals and aspirations of the company.  These five sets of values add more inspirations to me since they structure me to be an independent leader who is deemed to be dependable. The gaining of trust from employees is based on the art of contributing as a leader to their work. The value of caring is very critical in helping understand others’ personalities and how best I can deal with their reasoning and resistance to various opinions.