Sample Aviation Essay Paper on Hydraulic leaks

Hydraulic leaks

            Hydraulic leaks usually occur in most machines like air crafts mainly resulting to reduced system performance. Consequently, this may lead to loses as a result of high energy consumptions, replacement costs or maintenance costs if not detected and repaired in time. It is sometimes difficult to quickly identify hydraulic leaks in a system mainly due to the fact that there are usually no immediate visual signs (Slater 1). As such, determining fitting problems as a cause of recurring leaks can be achieved through surveillance and record keeping. This means that the hydraulic system must constantly be monitored and records appropriately be kept. For example, monitoring an aircraft’s hydraulic system before and after a flight would be able to show the exact causes of leakages.

            After determining fitting problems from constant surveillance, evaluation of its accessibility can then be done by checking seal materials used. Incorrect components used for sealing normally results to recurring leakages. This means that the use of non compatible seal materials may lead chemical breakdown resulting to slippages (Whitlock 1). In addition, a discoloration on seals may also be a way of determining inappropriate materials used for seal. Once a determination has been made concerning the cause of the fitting problem, the inspectors and technicians may then dismantle the whole system that causes the recurring leakages. This may be done by rebuilding the system and using the right material for seals. This generally means that the inspectors and technicians would be tasked with proper system installation.

            Apart from fitting problems, other factors such as system contamination and heat degradation may also contribute to increased leakages. System contamination is caused by elements like grit, dirt or metal chips (Whitlock 1). These contaminants usually cause seals to wear leading to leakages. On the other hand, excessive heat leads to slippages or the damage of seal materials. This can be addressed by using the right seal components and performing internal clearances. As such, timely detection and repair of such leakage problems would increase system performance, reliability and eventually reduce losses.

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