Sample Aviation Essay Paper on Boeing Business Jet and Piper Malibu

Boeing Business Jet and Piper Malibu

Boeing Business Jet

The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) chains are modifications of Boeing jet airplanes for the business jet market. The BBJ is a partnership of Boeing Commercial Airplanes and GE Aviation. The various models of Boeing include BBJ, BBJ2, BBJ3, BBJC, BBJ MAX8, BBJ MAX 9, 747 VIP, 777VIP, 787VIP, BBJ 737 Convertible, BBJ 767, and 787 VIP.

BBJ 737 Convertible provides needful flexibility to clients. Its runway length requirement is 39.47m (126ft 6in) with a range of 10,620km (5,735nm). The aircraft’s highest speed is 890km/h. BBJ 737 Convertible requires four crewmembers, and it accommodates 8 to 63 passengers. It can accommodate a luggage of up to 18,780 kilograms (174,200 lb) (George, 2006). The aircraft is still in production with a unit cost of $63.00 Million. BBJ 737 Convertible would be a good match to governments, corporations, as well as independently affluent citizens who can swiftly change it from mobile boardroom to transporting up to 50 very important persons, workforce or troops to distributing disaster-relief good or arranging for medical evacuation. The decreased weight of the BBJ convertible provides required flexibility to clients, and its reduced weight minimizes fuel burn as well as CO2 emissions.

Figure 1 BBJ 737 Convertible (Aerospace Technology, n.d).

Piper Malibu

The Piper PA-46 Malibu is a one-engine commercial aircraft with six seats, pressurized cabin, as well as retractable landing gear created by the US-American manufacturer Piper Aircraft, Inc. Piper Malibu models include Piper Matrix, M350, M500, and M600.

Piper Matrix’s take off distance is 2,090 ft / 637 m and the landing distance is1968 ft / 600 m. The aircraft’s can operate at a highest altitude of 25,000 FT (7,620 M). It has 1,343 nm / 2,487 km range with 45 minutes reserve. Piper Matrix can fly up to a maximum speed of 213 kt / 395 km/h. The aircraft requires only one crewmember and carries six passengers. Its luggage capacity is 1,355 LBS (615 KG) (McClellan, 2010). Piper Matrix is still being manufactured with a unit cost of $917,000. It has natural leather seats that are comfortable and flexible. Passengers can easily access the inner baggage section and facilities like the two 110-volt outlets. The aircraft is convenient for tourist industries that provide leisure services, as its level of elegance and luxury makes it suitable for travelling.

Figure 2 Piper Matrix ((McClellan, 2010).


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