Sample Aviation Essay Paper on APM485 A009 journal entry

APM485 A009 journal entry

            The pavements of airports play a vital role in airport safety and operations. This is why significant amount of funds and resources are set aside for them. During the exercise, I learnt that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) directs these resources to ensure that the construction and renovation processes and the subsequent supervisions meet the set standards. Therefore, the FAA uses the best technologies during these processes. FAA funds researches into the best practices in pavement and pavement maintenance and supervision. I learned that airports have engineering divisions under the safety and standards office tasked with not only communicating to the public on the design and evaluation process of these pavements but also ensure they meet durability and other quality standards. I learned of the philosophy in airport pavement design and the two key designs: the flexible and rigid designs. Each design is distinguishable by the type of material used and the targeted areas. Areas are primarily defined by the weight of the airplanes using them. I learned that each design has different evaluation procedure and the various uses of the evaluation report.

            The attention detail approach used by the FAA when it comes to running the airports has prepared me professionally. As a professional, this exercise has showed me that chances of success is increased many folds when attention is paid to details. In the real world employment, the use of evidence-based approach is vital in ensuring safety and credibility of programs and decisions. Like in the case of FAA, I believe using such an approach at the workplace will improve the credibility of plans that I propose to the management. Through this exercise, I have familiarized myself with airport operations which will ease my transition into real world workplace.