Sample Aviation Coursework Paper on Issues in Aviation Industry

Issues in Aviation Industry

The airline business is an essential segment in the economic development of a country since it helps in generating revenues from its daily operations. The flight industry is affected by a myriad of problems ranging from political, economic, sociocultural to demographic issues (Mhlanga & Steyn, 2017). However, termination of the airline services leads to a disruption in its travel arrangements thereby, causing numerous challenges to the travelers.

Main Forces Impacting the Airline Environment

The political issues entail a range of government interventions that are likely to avert or facilitate the operations of the airlines. Based on the vast areas operated by the carriers, the commercial environment is often controlled by the political settings of a given country. Equally, economic matters like oil prices, dollar exchange rate, and level of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) greatly impact the aviation sector (Seсilmis, 2016). The changing preferences of baby boomers that opt for flights that offer more services at a lesser cost substantially affect the industry. Air Company is regulated by different laws and policies that are stricter, hence influencing its performance.

Infrastructural Issues in the Airline Industry

Technology and the capacity to invest in the sky and on the ground are the primary infrastructural factors impacting air transport. Inventions such as teleconferencing and web-conferencing enable individuals to participate in a meeting at the same time (Wensveen, 2018). Networked innovations provide the airlines the ability to communicate with the flight operators both at the airport and in the sky for effective landing. 


The flight industry plays a significant role in the economic growth of a country. However, the industry is faced with a myriad of challenges such as political, economic, legal, and sociocultural issues. Equally, infrastructural issues like the need to invest in modern technologies including teleconferencing and online communication greatly influence the entity.


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