Sample Aviation Case Study Paper on Nigeria Airways Flight 2120

Nigeria Airways Flight 2120

This was a chartered passenger flight that was leaving Saudi Arabia heading to Nigeria in the year 1991 July but crashed immediately after taking off at the King Abdul-Aziz Airport. As a result of the crash a total of 261 people perished a sum in which 14 of the members were members of the flight crew. It is regarded as the deadliest plane crash recorded that involved a Canadian Airline (Cawthorne, 2014).

Efforts by the crew members to try and contain the accident proved futile as it crashed at an approximated 2875 metres from the ground. The main reason for the crash has a number of mysteries surrounding it as events leading to the crash can be hardly interpreted because, though the lead mechanic had realized insufficient pressure in the tare, he could hardly do anything because there was no nitrogen gas at the moment and the air flight project manager would not allow a delay of the passengers to another some few more time rendering the falling of the flight (Cawthorne, 2014). The plane was also not fitted with heat sensors and other fire fighting tools during wheel assembly placing it at a more vulnerable position during a situation like the one it encountered

As a result of the contact between the land gear and the burning rubber’s close proximity to the hydraulic and electrical systems components, the pressurization systems failed to respond leading to the structural damage and a later loss of control of the aircraft. The incident caused fatigue and fear among individuals and also leads to a reduced number of individuals willing to aboard aircrafts; it also resulted to unionization of flight attendants as measures to control future accidents (Smith, 2004). After further investigations, the owner of Nation air was confined and charged after pleading guilty on eight different counts of fraudulent activities that also contributed to the company’s bankruptcy.


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