Sample Aviation Annotated Bibliography Paper on Safety Management System

  1. Article Citation (2019). Federal Aviation Administration Airport Safety Management Systems (SMS) Pilot Studies. [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 Feb. 2019].

  • Summary

            The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Technical Report offers an insight into the impact of the Safety Management System (SMS) to airport operators. The report provides a summary conducted from over 25 airport operators to ascertain the challenges and benefits of implementing SMS. The report clarifies some similarities and distinguishing features between 14 CFR 139 and SMS which is an improvement of 14 CFR 139. The FAA conducted two types of Pilot Studies; the initial study involved the development of SMS policies, procedures, and the process by airports and the second study involved proof of concept. The report provides a summary of observations with SMS having a positive impact in airports with some while considering other factors such as costs.

  • Assessment

            The Pilot Study conducted by the FAA is a beneficial source not only to all airport operators but also to stakeholders. The report is more detailed and comprehensive as it covers a big number of airports during the study in which most of the studies conducted by other researchers would consider a limited sample. The information provided is reliable as it is evidence-based and it is first-hand information which can be referenced by anyone. The Pilot Study is objective and aims at reviewing safety performance in airports which is an important aspect. The main goal of this report is to ensure that airports are compliant with the Safety Management System at the same time trying to mitigate the challenges that accompany its implementation.

  • Reflection

            I find the report by FAA very helpful as it has made see the dynamics of safety in the aviation industry. The report is essential as it provides detailed information from different airport operators which gives an overview of the conditions of airports concerning safety and the different approaches used. The report can be vital as I can use this source to research on risk assessment in airports. The report has changed my initial impression on safety in the aviation industry as I have learned that safety entails having a suitable system that can oversee unprecedented faults and prevent hazards.