Sample Aviation Admission Essay on Airport Operational and Maintenance Errors

Airport Operational and Maintenance Errors

A safety management system is a proactive, systematic and explicit system process. It conglomerates operational, maintenance, and technical system with human resource management to minimize operationally and maintenance errors which has brought issues in their respective departmental management. To achieve this, safety management must start from the senior managers later than just introducing rules and directives regarding procedures to be followed by employees. The security management errors are operational and maintenance. The distinction of this errors varies with the various organizational activities (Liou, Yen, and Tzeng, 22).

The issues come when MEDA classifies these (maintenance and operational) errors. It is found that these errors are classified differently making the idea that they should be combined be difficult to define. The operational and maintenance directors finally decided that theoretically the two errors can be connected despite their fundamental differences.

 MEDA general error classifications are different from the maintenance domain. These is elaborate in the functionality and various activities in each department. The operational errors are committed by the personnel that operates the aircraft because of either fatigue, lack of training, incompetence, or ignorant (Chang, and Wang, 55).  On the other hand, errors made during aircraft maintenance are due to lack of proper reporting, decision making, and analysis. These leads to inadequate regulatory oversight and incorrect tools and parts.

A candidate error classification system that can work for both operational and maintenance errors is a counter maintenance and operational errors program. The operator shall provide for maintenance and use of the concerned personnel that should be approved by the registry with the required information. The application and design of the operator’s program observe the principle of Human Factor (Chang, and Wang, 54-62).

Maintenance error embedded in a large error category framework leads to loose of value. The errors that occur are costly not only in monetary value but also considering the number of deaths and injuries it can claim. The aviation industry and its trade bodies have developed and implemented a significant amount of human factor tools aimed at controlling this errors.

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